Strain Type | Grapefruit, Sativa


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Strain Name: grape fruit

Grade: B-

Type: Indica

Looks: light green with lots of dark specks in it with alot of light orange hairs

Smell: like a grapefruit mixed with a skunk

Taste: same as smell

Effects: very strong head high/tired

Potency: 6/10

Reviewed by: thecannabisguru

Good Strain For: afternoon smoke

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6 Responses to “Grapefruit”

  1. norcann says:

    all i know is the grapefruit that is in northern california clubs is super indica. the buds are 1000,% indica.way to many “hairs”, reminds me off beasters even though it isnt. super dense, high yielding. its def really nice though.
    i have a collective. we have grapefruit. we wont be growing it anymore though. sadly our laws prevent growing to many plants. this strain is a great sog strain. it does not produce in out system. sad. im keeping the mother for future.

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  2. Kingston says:

    Get the seeds on internet. Get the gear in any botanic shop. Grow organic outside:
    Natural, cheap, essential growing.
    Don’t want anything to go wrong?
    Buy Autofloration seeds, AK47 are mint. Critical Bilbo is magnifical aswell. In weeks you’ll be smoking your weed.
    PD: Seed banks will ship it to your front door.

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  3. Kingston says:

    Grapefruits variety is not Indica. It’s a wonderful Sativa, with a approx. percentage of 90%. So NO, it’s not Indica.
    Also the effects are totally inversed to Indica’s. This is a higher not downer, very nice sweet tasting, with hints of the Lemon Skunk. Smoke more than 3 joints and you will get laid back and relaxed. Smoke one, and it will give you a marvelous upper highness. Don’t over use it, you will not appreciate the flavor. Enjoy.

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  4. Bruce says:

    I have had AIDS for 22 years. still alive I believe because of cannabis. grow a few nice crops on rooftop. bought many good bags. But recently, many because of medical marijuana the Quality has gotton ALOT better. I just gor this grapefruit tasting pot, and looked it up. So that is why I am Here..Killer head high which I needed. Making My life Better…

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  5. mrtellitlikeitis says:

    need a hook up in augusta ga. why cant it just be legal . no medication but weed works for my anxieties depression . helps my life but its so hard to get good strains living in georgia , anyone thats not police an can help email me

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    Chris Reply:

    I live In Augusta ga to I need a good mid hookup

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