Strain Type | Grape Kush, Indica

Grape Kush

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Grape Kush

Strain Name: Grape Kush

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Very nice and dense buds with a mixed of greens and a bit of a purple hue through the whole nugget. It also has some brownish orange hairs with a light dusting of crystals.

Smell: The smell that comes to mind is that of a grape blunt wrap. once you break it open it has a very distinct kush smell that all kushs share.

Taste: This bud reminded me of a piece of grape gum that you have been chewing on for about an hour, very mild grape flavor with undertones of earth. Very smooth on the exhale.

Effects: This bud comes out hit strong, you feel a very upbeat feeling as well as a relaxing effect. If you smoke to much to fast it will be bed time. this bud is great for those with minor pains and aches. also great for any sleeping disorder.

Potency: 1 to 1 hour

Area: MI (locally grown)

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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One Response to “Grape Kush”

  1. bmoresfinest says:

    ntimatter hit it on da dot smells of a grape rillo an its harsh would say had aight lung expansion not like buddhas love but tasted lil like grape soda but it has a strong musky chemmy taste during n after WESt BMORE mumblez red honey (methadone) an dis wow lites out same with Buddhas love an no i aint buy illegal mdone im prescribed for pain went from perc n vics all the way to mdone but its not working for the pain enough but some good medicinal n a binger what pain? Legalize if were pedalin dope thru pharmacies wit all these very addicting opiates but not marijuana n it has no physical withdraw such a safer an better drug than any pharmies not one pill gonna get rid of a migraine keep u from having nausea help your appetite n i got insomnia works for that too. cures to many ailments if pot was legal no one would get asprin etc pepto bismol etc the drug companies would go under they need medical in md. or penn or westv or virgnia

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