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Grape Ape

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Grape Ape

Strain Name: Grape Ape

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks: I have a massive, gorgeous, light green nug with each clump ending in a nice royal purple tip.

Smell: It smells very sweet and sour, kind of like a Shock Tart if you have ever had one of those.

Taste: The name was aptly chose, is really all that has to be said of this one. It tastes very strongly of grapes, or possibly irises.

Effects: Like most indicas it is warm, and nice and mellow. The buzz also has a sort of light fluffy feeling to it. This is one of the better indicas that I’ve had. It is quite strong, but not down. It works wonders for my stomach pains, and on top of that increases appetite. It has some minor body euphorics, so mood enhancement is definitely present. This is a great daytime smoke for physical pain, in my opinion.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5-2 Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: For my condition, (chronic stomach pain, nausea, loss of appetite) this is essentially the perfect bud. It helps the pain, increases the appetite, suppresses the nausea, and makes me feel a bit happier overall.

grape ape

Love that purple! Makes my mouth water just looking at the pics. I swear I can smell hints of grape from all the way over here! -Volcanobis

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11 Responses to “Grape Ape”

  1. TheWiz says:

    Some of the best bud i’ve ever had. . .Straight from the source. ALL day. Thats how we do it in NorCAL baby. Delish! Enjoy!

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  3. NISHKEEZY415 says:


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  4. ha says:

    wow i want this

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  5. Picklator says:

    Nice nug bro, really dark color. Picked up some myself earlier. Your description for the effects was spot on

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  6. Bonga says:

    just pick some up today.good buds you got their.

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  7. Pat Silva says:

    Some pretty pics. Can I get med. mary out of state? I’m newly licsensed in Vode Island & don’t know much, yet. Beautiful. Be well & have some fun-as always! Buster’s got a facebook going at tunemakers@gmail. I don’t check it out, but he does.

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  8. Quinn805cali says:

    Good call Mr. Skunk your right fuckin on.. even on a few other posts as well Kudos… No homo

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  9. Big Daddy Bear says:

    I am growing fifty on an 8 ft by 4 ft eb n flow tray, the best strain to ever hit my trays. My pain from my triple layer fusion is almost not there when i smoke grape ape and these are not even fully mature nugs im smoking. I took a sample branch and dried it to see how it was coming, three weeks too soon and my friends and i agree its the best smoke we have ever tasted.

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  10. Damian Lobato says:

    hahah this is the best buds i bought from the despencery
    this shit had me mixin up peoples words on what they had said hahahaha
    wow but some very good shit
    ( tea pot lounge )
    i highly reconmend this despencery to everyone out there with there medical license

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  11. Mr.Skunk says:

    Looks a lot like my Erkle. Good stuff.

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