Strain Type | Grape Ape, Indica

Grape Ape

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grape ape

Strain Name: Grape Ape

Grade: A+

Type: High Grade Indica

Looks: Light grn with a little purple through out the bud

Smell: More Grape the purple but a fruity like smell

Taste: like the smell grapish

Effects: heavy for sleep

Potency: 9 high

Reviewed by: FarleyMar

Good Strain For: insomnia, nerve problems, pain

grape ape

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3 Responses to “Grape Ape”

  1. 707baysmoker says:

    Yea that’s sum bammer ass outdoor or poor quality indoor.

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  2. w33dn3rd says:

    There are crystals all over it, but unfortunately the photography sucks.

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  3. Logan Mike vick says:

    Theres like no crystals on the nug? that looks like some loq quality bud

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