Grand Daddy Purple

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Granddaddy Purple

Strain Name : Granddaddy purple

Grade: A++

Type: Indica

Looks: purple. well dried no seeds

Smell: kick ass odor level PROP215 ALWAYS

Taste: sour and real purple. Overpowering berry aftertaste on this strain

Effects: This strain is very heavy on the eyes, even if your not feeling tired after smoking it, your eyes feel heavy enough that it is nice to close them for a minute, and before you know it you will be takin a nap. Not a work friendly strain by any means..but she sure gets the job done!

Reviewed by: BRAD TYSON


Grand Daddy Purple

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19 Responses to “Grand Daddy Purple”

  1. kickjays says:

    hands down i need to get a hold of this lol

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  2. SuperFine says:

    I can’t speak as to whether or not that GDP is official. But like alot of you said, I live in NYC and there’s a lot of TOP NOTCH Cali buds around. I get regular packages from a friend in Oakland so i know what Im getting isn’t just good chronic with a name some idiot gave it. I personally love real GDP not because its the strongest strain ive had, or have.(i keep 2 or 3 on hand). Its one of my favorites because like one of you said it looks and tastes like fruity pebbles. Whomever said that is spot on. And my GDP is definitely not super dense. And I’ve gotten it from 2 different dispensaries. Both amazing. Either way this guys shit looks interesting. Whether its real GDP or not? I guess only he knows. BUT NYC has got plenty of AAA Medical Buds around. ALL I KNOW IS THIS PLEASES ME …

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  3. 4tran4 says:

    My favorite, Does everything I want pot to do to me, after a long hard day, Also KICKS THE SNOT out of my sleep apnea problem =D

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  4. spence says:

    allot of mister no-it-alls here, i,m 49 and been smoking for 38 years growing for 25,, its all in how you grow it , chop it,, dry and cure it, allot of patience ,,,3 days early means allot in production of all canabis

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    steven coker Reply:

    u sound like u actually have grown for 25y thats the truth just dont fuck up your/someones hard work by fucking with it or half-assing with drying waiting for it to be done bud by bud bowl by bowl then you will have somthing respectful 9135831563 my nymber i live n kansas and cant quite do what i want

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  5. 503oregons#it says:

    That jar looks dry as hell. I get GDP regularly and its way more dense then that p#%%¥ shwap. Most people grow this strain in the 503, it’s dank shit but there’s way better strains then this. If you can get your hands on some “dogshit” yes I said it. I highly recommend.

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  6. NorCalHeavyHitta says:

    GDP is real dense purple with a little green…smells like fruity pebbles and tastes like it too, the bud is thick,and dense like a rock, completely covered in cyrstals…its one hitter quitter,if you can get up off your couch you will eat your entire fridge ..RT

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  7. chris says:

    amazing high, but damn i want that jar!!!!!

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  8. bill says:

    this is not real purp sorry i smoke real gdp from oakland ca

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  10. RM3 says:

    Granddaddy Purp is one of the finest. With a great smell and an after taste that will please any palate, this bud is a great smoke for pain, relaxation, and all around comfort. Also, I, personally, believe that Grandaddy Purp has a great medicinal value towards the treatment of concussions and post-concussion syndrome.

    As I have experienced a terrible car accident, I immediately suffered a severe concussion. Needless to say, my head had felt like a balloon was inflating inside. I was vomiting all throughout the next day; later that night, I had acquired some Grandaddy Purp in hopes to relieve some pain and help with my constant headache. From that moment on, I realized that it put my head at ease and brought me to a comfortable point to be able to relax from any pain or post-concussive ailment.

    All in all, Grandaddy Purp is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. The high of this strain is reminiscent of its Indica name. You will feel heavily relaxed and relief for any pain, as well as relief for concussions and post-concussion syndrome.

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    Roe Reply:

    How do I get some? feel free to mail me back

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  11. zakk brick fist says:

    that granddaddy purp around my way now nd that shit is fire. nd when im tlakin fire i mean fire.. oh yeah nd that train wreck too all cali bud on the eastcoast

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    tayler Reply:

    no sir its all about earthy washington bud!

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    deluc48 Reply:

    There’s a healthy amount on east coast of A++ shit. Luv having a new batch every single week. It’s rather fascinating when you read about the stuff you know ur going to be getting b4 u get it. Recently had Sour diesel, Trainwreck,Greencrack,Bubba cush, a few other cushes, black velvet, and now the Grand daddy purp. I have a ton of serious sports injuries and I love the fact that some address this and others keep you motivated. This strain says it’s a KO heavy eyelid strain that’s good for pain. Can’t wait to see for myself. Glad the government hasn’t sunk there teeth into this industry yet as it works just fine without them in it fucking it all up.

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  12. Justin M. says:

    Where can I get seeds, or a clone? If you have any idea please help a ommp patient get really good relaxing meds. I require the strongest unfortunately.

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  13. OMMP says:

    Presentation looks nice, but purple strains have a handicap compared to other strains, would sure like to try it though.

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  14. Tayor says:

    this is real GDP i believe, you,ve got a nice treasure having real GDP.

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  15. lavelle says:

    boy i sure wish i know where to get some of that here in Phx,Az.

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