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Granddaddy Kush

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Granddaddy Kush

Strain Name: Granddaddy Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica

Looks:Dank somewhat green buds with lots of orange strings

Smell: Amazing

Taste: Like Oranges

Effects: Major head and body buzz

Potency: A few hits is all u gonna need

Reviewed by: A Pot Head

Good Strain For: ANYTHING


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4 Responses to “Granddaddy Kush”

  1. Christian Matias says:

    That weed is amazing! it’ll have you high for hours. Doesn’t mess with your eyes (:

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  2. Fly says:

    That shit looks like spice lmaoo

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  3. HAHAHAHA says:

    That shit looks awful kill yourself

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  4. winston says:

    you got them MIDS SON HAHAHAHA did i flip you that?

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