Strain Type | Grand Daddy Purple, Indica

Grand Daddy Purple

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Strain Name: Grand Daddy Purple or GDP

Grade: Top Shelf

Type: Indica

Looks: green dense nugs with some orange hairs some leaf has slight purple hue to it. nugs look dusty with trichomes.

Smell: Smells Purple! Like if you left a bag of purple skittles in the hot car all day.

Taste: Taste Purple! not like welches grape but more like a purple skittle

Effects: reflect cogitatingly, a couch cozey strain, may put some straight to sleep.

Potency: Depends on grower and end user. Usually a potent indica

Reviewed by: Cipher

Good Strain For: P.M.S, body Aches, Arthritis, Sleep, Nausea, and muscle relaxer. One of my favorite strains

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6 Responses to “Grand Daddy Purple”

  1. Skunkxx says:

    I just got a little plant back in Sept.The young boyz that had it didnt know what they had and what to do with it.OIt was about 2 ft tall and had some very small buds on it. I took it and had one plant revegging so just added it to the room.It took alot to get it going but I think i will have a good mum to clone off of.I have aome pics if I can post them I will.I plan on vegging it out to aleat 5 foot and then bud off if and when I get enough clones to keep it going,It was osme of the best bud I have smoked in a long time.Thanks and I give the strain in whole a A+ Thanks Skunkxx

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  2. NYCGrandDaddyPurp says:

    a B+? Are you serious? I’ve had this kind of GDP shown and the strain from Michigan. The strain from Michigan is more potent. I would give that a A++… but this strain shown above is an A atleast. This is my favorite of all strains. GDP is Grand! And the effects and good use for is on point.

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    andy_panda84 Reply:

    I have to agree with NYC, I’m from cali but. Def GDP is by far my fav for my pain

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  3. Lesley Benedicta says:

    Grand Daddy Purple works incredibly well for my arthritis, nausea, insomnia and overall feel good. All I need is about two maybe three tokes and I am asleep. It’s good for my muscle spasms as well. Speaking for myself I can skip a nights use and it works it’s that potent. It should only be used at night. Day use expect couch lock. Don’t expect to wake up raring to go. I’ll give it a B+.

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    Buggins Reply:

    Sounds like exactly the type of effects I am looking for. Something to kill my back pain and nausea at night, and help me sleep.

    Just cracked four femmed beans from Connoisseur Genetics, hope they turn out like what you described!

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  4. Volcanobis says:

    Congrats Cipher this is your 5th review and you’re OFFICIALLY weeditor status!

    When you have a chance, email me any details you want added to your weeditor page.


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