Grand Daddy Purple

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Strain Name: Grand Daddy Purple

Grade: A/A+ Michigan Medical Marijuana(The Mix)top shelf

Type: INDICA HYBRID medical grade top shelf

Looks: incredibly dense hairy fuzzy crystallized potent multicolored dry resinous

Smell: not much smell slight flower/blossom odor in the bag. when broken up typical pine scent with more floral smells like kief/ pressed hash

Taste: slight pine taste with flower blossoms and a incredible “Blue taste”

Effects: euphoric about the same as the Purple Urkle, a devastating Indica-this is THE night time strain because its such a heavy indica stone, very pleasant upper head body and warmth buzz which fades into droopy red eyes, munchies and complete pain relief sedation-lasted about an hour and 1/2 before raiding the kitchen for a late night snack(salad)before falling into coma which i did not stir for 6 hours…till morning that is. i could still feel the GDP in my body 12 hours later! GDP will interfere with morning meds if they are a Sativa effects

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: hottpotat0

Good Strain For: medication, pain relief, appetite stimulation relaxation, nausea, downshifting, headaches, before a hot bath and for typical Indica strain use purposes.

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50 Responses to “Grand Daddy Purple”

  1. Dreddy rasta says:

    Gdp is my favorite strain in history! Just got a batch today. Abd this reveiw is SPOT ON

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  2. Dan says:

    still looking for this strain.Can anybody help me out from NE.Philly my guy can not get this strain had white rino,all kinds of kush but nothing purple

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  3. Curtis King says:

    Is there ne Texas connects?

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  4. GONZO says:


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  5. Harmony says:

    Go to :)

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  6. The-Masta says:

    I might grow some of this stuff is it a easy grow or need a lot of maintenance?

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  7. ryan says:

    Anybody have a connect in OKC or will anybody mail here?

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  8. Endlessstyles says:

    I’m sick with the flu and feel so nauseated.
    Would you think GDP would help with this?

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    jkp39420 Reply:

    works excellent for that

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  9. daf says:

    Need a line in NYC..hmu

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    idalis Reply:

    what part of nyc

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  10. Dan says:

    anybody with a connection to NE.Phila please give me a holler in severe pain THANKS.

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  11. Young smokie says:

    Need the best shit on the map down here in La nothing worth a smoke

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  12. stonedonpurp says:

    its good weed man, i bought a 40 2 days ago and i love it. im buying a 75 today

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  13. kilo says:

    who sells this?

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  14. Roland T Headless says:

    this stuff puts me straight out
    but if i smoke it with my nephew he goes and cleans the garage

    good stuff i love it

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  15. ROBERT NUNES says:

    i grew some gdp this year an now im for sure its better than any iv had or bought in the disp. frikin should win a cup at a nugget contest yo///

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    ramone Reply:

    got a line?

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  16. roger dickington says:

    makes the inside of my chest feel warm and fuzzy

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  17. Ruslan Kolev - Water Technology says:

    Hello ,

    My name is Ruslan Kolev and social technologist’m calling.

    Can you suggest technology that will increase your yields and reduce flowering time.
    Technology is linked to water use for growing plants. It is a device through which water is passed which is watered.


    1. Adjust the pH of the water from our pre-defined parameters;

    2. Structured water molecules, making them similar to those in the cells of plants and the intercellular space which saves a lot of energy plants for the process they perform anyway as this energy is diverted into increasing size;

    3. Improves product quality by preventing the entry of toxins in plants, and from there to us;

    4. Ionized water making it unsuitable environment for germs and bacteria;

    5. Helps release and deposition of scale that plants emit the sewage to soil, which still consume energy
    and other aspects favorable to the development of plantations.

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    TheWorm Reply:

    Greetings, Ruslan Kolev! I only hope that you know the answers to your own question better than I do, because I know nothing about this, and by the absence of replies to your question, neither does anyone else. But it sounds most interesting and of obvious relevance to all growers of the Holy Herb. Dare we hope that you might tell us more about this?

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    JuiceMan Reply:

    I think its called fertlizer.

    No seriously u have good idea with deionized water. I dont know enuff to help you but hydro is the way to go for higher yeilds. Unless you can grow outside safely. 4-6 ft indoor and 12 feet + outdoors. Simple math grow outdoors or hydro inside for highest possible yeilds. Search the web for some videos on it. Peace

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  18. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    When I got off work I went to see my guy he had mango kush that looked awesome andd smelled like fresh mangos and he had grandaddy purple..being because I’m a big fan of purple weed period I had to pick up a half oz of this good ol gdp….and I dnt regret it rolled a splifff up when I got in the house after work and was crying dying laughing at martin and fell asleep eating a chicken patty and woke up to guy code lls….hands down some of da dopest dope I have ever smoked… it

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  19. Some guy says:

    I love this strain. Shit’s really potent, kept me up when I was doing errands, but once I was chilling, i was trippin’ haha. Love it

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  20. This guy says:

    GDP had me almost falling over, it made my legs go limp, so yeah it was great.

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  21. NYCGrandDaddyPurp says:

    I love the fact that it states… “I felt the effects 12hrs after”. Haha, I did too… I woke up in the a.m. and was still buzzed. I love this one, it’s my favorite.

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  22. Cali says:

    Connect to or from Philly? I’m in Cali scoutin

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  23. cropethekush says:

    Philly connection anybody ????$$$$$

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    Cali Reply:

    Connect to or from Philly? I’m in Cali scoutin


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    daloudwowman Reply:

    I can be of some assistance, philly boy.Whats ya email?

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    Dan Reply:

    Do not know if u got my email in need of help for severe pain-broken back.THANKS

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    ramone Reply:

    im from san francisco, i got line need a better one though

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  24. Speez says:

    just picked some of this up today around 7pm,im still stoned at 11 ….packing up again,this shit taste lovely…and i would say a 9/10 potency..nice body high that creeps up to a head high..i also have some Master Kush and some Bubba..GDP is by far my favorite right now..would recommend

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  25. gdpsmoker420 says:

    I had some of this stuff the past few days n it was the shiz nizz i highly recommend it

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  26. Fiona says:

    Tried this in a vaporizer, closed my eyes to listen to some music and woke up three hours later with major munchies. Good pain relief.

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  27. light up jerz says:


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  28. phatlv37 says:

    Good strain overall for my issues of anxiety, back pain, and insomnia. Also, this is not as potent as other strains for med. mj. My dispensary has diff. numbers of GDP. All are high quality, and #10 is deep purple medium sized buds. High is a decent but not intense buzz! Def. a strain to try.

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  29. HighInSC says:

    Im blowin this shit right now, gotta love it

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    Heavy sexx Reply:

    Send me sum of that shit please

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  30. hunter says:

    everyone knows when you got that good GDP best Indica hands down

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  31. kaptain kronic says:

    grand daddy purp is dank as hell

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  32. smoker13 says:

    damm let me knoe if someone knoes were to get diz in carrollton tx

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    dkaisu Reply:

    I recently had some in carrollton, so I know its there.

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  33. JKP3 says:

    Too many people just learning. Too much weak home grown. The good is around though.

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  34. hottpotat0 says:

    dispensary west side of state

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  35. AJ says:

    Where can I get this in MI? I’m in the flint area and looking for a good caregiver.. Very fussy with my bud, Seems like most people around here cant grow worth the shit!

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    bob Reply:

    so,,why dont you grow yourself and show us how its done,,,,maybe you should swithc to smoking crack?? it should be up to par for you to get stoned…

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  36. Zane says:

    just got some GDP today, 3 hits from a bowl baked for 2-3 hours

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  37. Thanks for posting such a great review of Grand Daddy Purp!

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  38. hottpotat0 says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so friggin great!

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