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God’s Gift

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Gods Gift

Strain Name: God’s Gift

Genetics: GDP x OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: An Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Looks: Very Kush-looking dense popcorn-sized nugs with darkish orange trichomes.

Smell: Fresh smelling aroma with a scent of sweetness almost like wildflowers.

Taste: A thick smoke with a harsh, spicy-like taste on the exhale. Taste almost like it smells.

Effects: A strong indica buzz, noticeable in the eyes and back of head; The high was very relaxing and calm.

Potency: Medium-Long; depending on consumption*

Reviewed by: Bobby Coughs

Good Strain For: good for evening and night time sessions; Best for stress and depression in medical use.

Gods Gift

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6 Responses to “God’s Gift”

  1. TLOgrowR says:

    You came to the right place to learn. Also try You’re doing the right thing, being a natural hippie.

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  2. Lugnut says:

    Ok so I’m not a pot smoker. I’m a 40 yr old mom of 2 that has a serious anxiety problem. Doc is checking for adrenal gland issues and I’m taking Ativan right now but honestly I’m a very natural hippie kinda gal that doesnt do meds at all. I’m interested in trying this aspect for relief but don’t even know where to start.

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  3. Erik says:

    Lol note to all users just throw away and review from hawaii or take it with a grain of salt… they don’t know anything about quality marijuana.

    never have heard spicy attributed to gods gift. lol. gods gift is also an afghani, not og cross. it’s gdp and an afghani. it tastes just like purple urkle, somehow the afghani brings out that part from the gdp.

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  4. howitreallyis says:

    Gods Gift is wack. I cant imagine it has any og in it. The stuff is beautiful, tastes great, amazingly purple and smells to high hell. But..It is WEAK. Packs a buzz for like ten minutes. Cant believe its on pr shelf. Not recommended for heavy smokers who need og kush

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    rubes024 Reply:

    totally agree. beautiful looking nugs, mine had a lot of dark purple in it and i couldnt wait to smoke it, but i was totally disappointed when i did. the hit was nothing like og kush or any other kush nd the buzz only lasted ten or fifteen minutes. total bullshit…

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  5. NorCalHeavyHitta says:

    Indoor Gods Gift, is one of my favorites

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