Strain Type | G-13, Indica


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G 13 

Strain Name: G-13

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Many different shades of green, but mostly a light sage color with lots of orange hairs. Rock-like density.

Smell: Mandarin oranges.

Taste: Sweet, smooth smoke.

Effects: Secretly developed by the U.S. government from seeds obtained in the Roswell UFO crash with a lab-tested 37% THC content…or something like that, according to urban legend. Actually, this is some kind of potent Afghan indica that has both strong mind and body effects. Relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Definitely a high caliber strain, but probably not quite up to the hype.

Potency: High

Reviewed by: brokensun

Good Strain For: Stress and anxiety. ADD. Chronic Pain.

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8 Responses to “G-13”

  1. J-DAWG says:

    I’m just saying that it can and has been done the federal marijuana research lab in UC Mississippi has been doing shit like this for years

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  2. rogerdodger says:

    Another shitty and expensive Dr. GreenThumb strain. Great yield but average potency otherwise. Use it in a breading only or you’ll be disappointed.

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  3. SSHZ says:

    It’s impossible to have a 37% THC content. Max is generally about 25% or so….. people that make claims like this are clueless!

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    J-DAWG Reply:

    you’re absolutely wrong I’ve had green ribbon tested at steephill labs that had 30% total cannabinoids it was 28% THCa and the rest were trace amounts of cbd’s&cbn’s

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  4. Sativian says:

    37% my ass… U r just a noob.

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    Noggie420 Reply:

    if you read the review it says ”according to urban legend”…..Noob…

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  5. rob says:

    why do all things white mean all things bland?? white is bland. this seems to go for ww, or anything calling iotself “WHITE”/

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  6. MTD says:

    This strain is perfect for ADHD, anxiety and really awakens yourself and keeps your eyes open, and chin up. Couldn’t be much happier considering what I got it for.

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