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Fruity Pebbles

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fruity pebbles

Strain Name: Fruity Pebbles

Grade: C+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Light green bud with a generous amount of crystals on it. It is also a bit leafy with discrete orange hairs throughout. It is nice and fluffy as well.

Smell: The smell is possibly the best part about this bud. It is very fruity and smells just like the cereal, hence the name with a hint of kush.

Taste: The taste is a subtly fruity one, but is very smooth, especially out of joints. Its lacks much of an aftertaste.

Effects: This bud after only a few hits will make you very slow and forgetful but somehow energetic at the same time. Very spacey feeling.

Potency: Buzz Length is long, 2-2.5hrs, and most defiantly puts you in clouds but does creep up on you. Probably a 11%THC +/-

Reviewed By: GanjaMaster89

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14 Responses to “Fruity Pebbles”

  1. Dave says:

    This strains reall nice, the smell is great and its really nice fluffy. One of my favorites for a vanilla blunt.

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  2. bubbles says:

    you know it was probably a mis-labeled plant it’s most likely “Purple Trainwreck” (Urkle x Trainwreck)

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  3. Sofakingg says:

    Donated for a g just for the looks and smell. One hit wonder ! Very smooth and tasty ! This is not an indica buzz, but I can feel the body high, now 10 min. Later. Sort of looks like flo, but lighter in color. This is good chit Maynerd !

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  4. BossCash says:

    Ok so after the first hit, I got kind of a slight buzz. I got a feeling this will be good bud for me. I am going to take a few more hits to fully check out what kind of high it gives. So far so good though. I am quite relaxed and not trying to jump out of my own skin.

    2nd Hit:

    The 2nd hit was slightly less like fruity pebbles. Still good though and fruity. At this point I kind of feel cotton mouth setting in, And that is a sign of a good high for me. I am going to hold off on a 3rd hit until I see where this bud is going to take me.

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  5. BossCash says:

    Well I seriously just took a hit of this less than 3 minutes ago and am waiting to feel out what the high will be like. I can say that I prefer bud that slows me down, Not bud that makes me hyper. I wan’t to relax and chill out after a long day of work. I will post once it kicks in and after the creep affect hits me. BTW it did indeed taste like fuity pebbles. Kind of smells a bit skunky though after you burn it. Fresh out of the bag though, It smelled very green and plant like. Not saying it was like fresh cut grass but more of like a veggie smell.

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  6. john bob says:

    Dank ass shit 6 bong ripps and I’m stone for over 3 hours broke new bong in with it

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  7. samantha says:

    I am a ex smoker ex non smoker. I smoked for about 6 years and then stopped due to anxiety issues that developed for other reasons. I recently started smoker a little, only enough to catch a buzz and not get stupid high. I tried “Train Wreck” tonight. I only smoked 1 large hit from a glass piece. About 5 mins later I felt eurphoric all of a sudden and then a few minutes later I was completely high. The high isnt too intense though. Its very body high to me, and there is no dry mouth what so ever. all in all..i like it.

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    Mr. Bob Dobalina Reply:

    Yea the 1st time I tried Train Wreck, I was already coming down off some other shit, so I was like yea let me get at it, take a few tokes. OH HELL NAW!!! Lol…1 hit n I was good, it had me gone. But I haven’t had some in awhile :(

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  8. MeatMasher says:

    So I got this stuff and I have the same feelings but I get really dizzy and I twich sometimes and I can hear my heart beat. Is that normal for this strain?

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    TaySmokesG00d Reply:

    Yea Perfectly normal bro i smoke sum yesterday with my homegirl and i felt the same way

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    jared Reply:

    nigga what u dont smoke nuff that shouldnt happen when u smoke

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  9. Klew says:

    This is on stock 24/7… I enjoy waking up to a bowl of fruity pebbels!! :)

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  10. Miss Kabbibles says:

    Maybe it was the feeling GanjaMaster89 was looking for. :)

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  11. excellent marijuana review. love the marijuana photos too. interesting that you gave it a low grade but a decent write up.

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