Strain Type | Free Leonard, Indica

Free Leonard

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Strain Name: Free Leonard

Grade: 10/10

Type: Have been told this is a mix of G13 and Butterscotch Hawiian

Looks: Typically bright green with lots of trichomes

Smell: Very distinct. I have smelled it differently, once like blueberry gum but mostly a slight skunky smell.

Taste: Kinda hashy yet a bit sweet

Effects: Mostly Indica, this stuff lasts between 3-5 hours I have had this strain near made me hallucinate. I would not recommend using this strain and doing things out in public. VERY STRONG!

Potency: 10/10

Reviewed by: Patients in Michigan

Good Strain For: Chronic pain and relaxing.

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7 Responses to “Free Leonard”

  1. OdawaDanny Aka ProfessorPotSnob says:

    Sad to see Free Leonard go overseas and then back to Canada as another new strain … B.S. Time to honor what is and let the rest know this shit happened ………

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    OdawaDanny Aka ProfessorPotSnob Reply:

    As well that image is far from what I have had in my pipe !

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  2. symbiote420 says:

    Thanks ndn you’re the best!!! These are definitely getting the soak asap, I love a potent indica for my meds!

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  3. arb says:

    ndn my brother get in touch with me at he skunkskool

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  4. ndnguy says:

    Myself and swampy made these for med users, my 1988 G13/HP and Swampy’s Butterscotch Hawaiin,we made them to givve out free to med peeps sadly a theivin seedbank in Canada is sellin them BS Bud depotand makin money off of our work,swampy is gone now to I miss him bigtime he would have hated to see these seeds sold,greedy pigs!!

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  5. eurasian farmer says:

    this photo does NOT look good at all!! But i can understand the grow technique varies from grower to grower…

    i have just received some free free leonard seeds, im now downloading the free leonard story…

    fingers crossed the smoke reports are accurate, i like 10/10 indicas!!

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  6. Natural Addict says:

    This looks very good. I hope it is good for mostly all body pain because the last couple of 8ths i got were good but lacked in a body pain killer.

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