Strain Type | Elephant, Sativa


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Strain Name: Elephant

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Light, airy nugs, with a mixture of light and dark green. Covered with golden hairs. Very crystalline

Smell: Sweet but sour at the same time

Taste: same as smell, but more on the sour side

Effects: Instant cerebral effects, heavy eyes. Really good head buzz, very focused, talkative. Increase in hunger level.

Potency: strong. around 2 1/2 hours

Reviewed by: Henskerz

Good Strain For: Social smoking, eye strain, stomach problems.

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11 Responses to “Elephant”

  1. Beatriz Jamie says:

    I just bought some and tried it for the first time. I didn’t smoke much so I only experienced a mild dizzy feeling and drowsiness. Fell asleep right after, lol. Does this weed cause any euphoria? Giggles and laughs? That’s most of the reason why I smoke – for the uncontrollable laughs!

    What is the best type of weed for what I am searching for? :D

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  2. dan says:

    i have real elephant clones..been protectig the strain for 30 years…huge buds hard as rocks not airy not sativa…

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  3. catfishh says:

    I’ve been in the 420 business for along time…not sure where your reviewer gets his information…but…elephant is not a sativa, and doesn’t have light airy buds, totally wrong…I do believe were talking about the same strain, elephant.

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  4. rashweed walleyes says:

    smokin some now. spot on review , but the buds are a little tight, not airy. nice smoke , would love to get some seeds? anyone got some ? how would u like some ” mazar al sharif”

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  5. raweed walleye says:

    i want this ball… sounds fabulous!

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  6. rashaud robinson says:

    shits fire perfect review

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  7. robert jonson says:

    true Elephant which I have had since 2008’from BC seeds, $695.00 for ten seeds, is rock hard bud,massive trichomes,two tokes and your up and moving…I have never had airy buds, I’m also a breeder, I kill airy bud plants, if someone would like a clone of real Elephant it could be arranged, when possible, Arizona will be my market, I have back crossing for 4 years now trying to stabilize seeds for the market.. peace’

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    mook Reply:

    hmu i got some elephant clones as well lets compare

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    Michigangmf420 Reply:

    I got Elephant clones from a dispensary near Flint. There 2 months from clone today and 3 weeks into flower. There (on average) 28” tall and 2′ in diameter. They seem kinda picky. Prone to problems and not for beginners. But it looks great so far!

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    Iroaster84 Reply:

    I think we have visited the same place. Any chance you know what seed company they got it from? Its my 1st grow 18″ now still veggin and supercropped

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  8. OG Smokes Alot says:

    This is some good stuff yo. If u haven’t tried it yet its a must!

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