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Death Star

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Strain Name: Death Star

Genetics: Sensi Star x NYC Diesel

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominant hybrid

Grown: Organic

Looks: Blizzard warning! Buds are completely covered in a thick coating of crystals. Very light green with orange hairs. It is extremely sticky! 10/10

Smell: Stank warning! I would have to say this is one of the top three strongest smelling strains I have ever smelled. Has an extremely strong diesel fuel smell mixed with a nose burning skunk smell. I kept checking the jar to make sure it was closed hours later cause the whole room reeked. I vaped about a gram around midnight and I could still smell it in my house at 4:30pm the next day like I had just vaped. Extremely strong smell! The block reeker.  10/10

Taste: Tastes delicious! Has a very piney almost “kush” taste with hints of skunk, diesel fuel, fresh earth and a dash of fruit. Tastes reminds me a lot of the tangerine kush taste. After the exhale my mouth tasted like I just ate skunk roadkill. I used mouthwash and could still only taste this strain. Very unique and strong taste. 9/10

Effects: Night time use. Tolerance is no match for the death star. Each pull from the volcano bag had my eyelids dropping like they had weights in them. Instant euphoria! Straight ripped. No pain and very little anxiety. Made me hungry sometimes, other times it did not. Too much of this strain and it’s an instant weed nap.

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Good For: Pain, chronic pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, muscle relaxant, nausea, increased appetite, relaxing, stress, anxiety, depression. Extremely potent medicine – should help with most ailments.

Notes: Top-Top-Top shelf medicine. Very small amount put out 4 THICK volcano bags and they all tasted delicious like I was chiefing the first bag. Little bit goes a long way. Packs an extremely strong punch!

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19 Responses to “Death Star”

  1. chemdogvet says:

    deathstar is everywhere damn near at least in ohio indiana kentucky and michigan I kno for a fact ive had it in
    Cincinnati so its getting around apparently

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  2. Speez says:

    i see alot of ppl from Ohio…i get this all the time in columbus all the time…its a nice strain…if your looking for a bomb strain in ohio lookout for some “Woody Haze” its GREAT…very cheddary nugs ..the death star is still nice when you can find it around here..nice frosty buds..smells like any other diesel strain(fuel smell)..smokes nice I’d give it an 8/10 potency myself..if your a avid kush smoker this probably wont do much for you

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  3. dbals says:

    I’m lucky enough to be chiefing some death star right now. Far and away my favorite buds at the moment!

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  4. pickiviki says:

    We need more growers in Ottawa and Muskegon counties in Michigan. there are only one or two places that have anything good around here.

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  5. jdub says:

    im in ann arbor michigan and i got a 1/4 of this DANK ASS WEED, and was lucky enough to find a seed! 1 month into my grow and my whole house reeks. i was beyond lucky to get a seed! cant wait till its done ;)

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  6. Michael says:

    Deathstar can be found during the summer months around columbus ohio area try the hookahville show coming up this may 25-28 its currently a clone only strain so it comes down to who the fuck you know or if you are part of an exclusive hippie “family” ;) extremely strong indica-dominant strain total couchlock zzzzz buzz knockout shit!!

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  7. Jat Mane says:

    It is said to be originated in Columbus but really is from Toledo, East Coast Sour D x Sensi Star, best strain I’ve ever smoked by far, the smell/taste is like nothing i’ve ever had by far.

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  8. supra turbo says:

    Someone I knew grew some Death Star and his looks A LOT better then the pics I see here of it…..One of the best pleasures I ever had.

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  9. Mat (Angola ny) says:

    i was lucky enough to have seen an amount of this move through my neighborhood. this is absolutly my favorite strain of pot to this day. nothing is in comparison. though ill probably never see this strain again since its pretty rare. there isnt many growers

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  10. Bassi says:

    Here in Vancouver this shits alot of $

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  11. Tokenstein says:

    I live in Ohio and I’ve never had the chance to experience this….new goal…..

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  12. OhioGrown says:

    Ive gotten to smoke death star a few times this year and it is perfect in every aspect possible.

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  13. rob says:

    who has beans? for death star?
    the ak47 x sensi star sounds near as good.

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  14. Chief Bongo Bongo says:

    Of course. Everyone in Ohio has the urge to get fucked up on something to forget the fact that they’re in Goddamn Ohio.


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  15. ShpoonoJyomingoctaflapjack says:

    TRUE THAT. Don’t ya know. Ohio Bangs it out.

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  16. DramaQueen says:

    Its just Sensi Star X Sour D.

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  17. Carissa says:

    i am a huge fan of the diesel family and before finding this strain specs , i knew it had to be one. congrats on the muscle spasm medi! i’ve been able to use my arm for the first time in weeks !

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  18. J says:

    DeathStar originates in Ohio, and is Sensi Star X East Coast Sour Diesel, not NYC Diesel

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    doober Reply:

    Columbus to be exact….

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