Strain Type | Deadman, Sativa


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Strain Name: Deadman

Grade: C+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Extremely dark buds with very dark red colored hairs. There is very little crystal formation. The bud is slightly airy to the point were a 1/8 looks like a 1/4.

Smell: Not too pleasing at all it is very herby and harsh smelling which to me seems like there was not much of a curing process. After I ground it up it released a slight orange scent that was pleasing.

Taste: The taste is not to much to brag over either it was slightly orangy but once again the taste of chlorophyll over powers any natural taste the bud could have given off had it been cured properly.

Effects: The high is mostly energetic but very light. Personally I very much like indicas because its sleep and relaxing qualities but this bud just made me want to get up and move. If you have important things to do this is the bud for you although the lightness of the high is hard to get medicated on.

Potency: Lasted 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Reviewed by: Str8bongin


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12 Responses to “Deadman”

  1. KushyMe says:

    Where can i get some?

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  2. ryan says:

    forgot to mention,Mine was grown outdoors In Michigan this past summer,that could be the difference between mine and this guy’s as far as size and density I suppose,dunno :p

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  3. ryan says:

    also wanted to add,he mentions the buds are airy,but the deadman buds I have are quite dense and large.And extremely smelly and potent.It doesn’t smell much stronger when I bust a bud open,it’s just super strong inside and out.Dark color with heavy orange hairs.The high is’s also a Canadian strain I believe.mostly Sativa,some Indica stone.And what I’m looking at in my jar right now,and my deadman buds look way better then these low quailty pictures that are posted here.wish I had a high MP camera,or I would post a pic of my batch.Sad it has to get a bad review,and this is the only link I can find about this strain.It deserves SO much better.

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  4. ryan says:

    close though.Yea the cop said if I handed it over and it was a small ammount he would let me go since it was christmas I did,and he arrested me I have to go to court on jan 28th.I hope I don’t get jail time.

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  5. Infamous P says:

    Hahah, had to be Elkhart! Lmao

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    ryan Reply:

    warsaw lol

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  6. Infamous P says:

    i disagree thoroughly. although mainly a sativa, it is a nice stone with an extremely enjoyable and pleasantly smoothe upsoaring high. The taste of the organic hydro specimen I have tried was VERY dense and large 1/8th sized flowers. The cure produced a deep rich taste of wildflower, honey and citrus. The smell was strong and super sweet. Get a better producer before you leave a proper review buddy.

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    Infamous P Reply:

    but the nugs are all definately a deep rich orangey green and the hairs wildly long, full and dark orange.

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    ryan Reply:

    I bought an 1/8 from a dispensary of deadman in michigan.I agree,this dude got a bad batch because mine is what you said,it’s probably the dankest shit Ive ever had.and super high,with a little was so smelly a cop in indiana(i went there with it)smelled it inside walgreens and followed me and arrested me for it(on christmas eve)my friend reccomended i put it in a second bag but i didn’t listen :( anyways,great freaking smoke and not much at all like this guy said in the’s more like B+ A-..not C+

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    deadmanwade Reply:

    Well, was it worth going to jail 4?

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    ryan Reply:

    I would say yes.

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    Kel Reply:

    where do you find some?? im from chicago

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