Strain Type | Indica, Sativa

Critical Mass

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Critical Mass

Strain Name: Critical Mass

Grade: A

Type: Indica/Sativa Mix – Indica dominant

Looks: Average/Bright Green, Deep orange hairs – Buds are medium sized

Smell: Strong, planty/fruity aroma, very, very, strong smell. Triple bag for safety.

Taste: Average weed taste, slightly resinous after taste

Effects: Dry eyes, heavy hitting, permeating high,

Potency: 9/10

Reviewed by: CannadaWeed

Good Strain For: Relaxation, Stress, Pain



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6 Responses to “Critical Mass”

  1. RandyLahey says:

    This is a commercial yielder, 50 Grams per plant easy. Fun to grow but watch humidity and dry fully.

    Potency 9 of 10? must be a light weight….maybe 6 on a good day. But a nice relaxing buzz

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  2. 314-BEEDEE says:

    Someone I know had a hybrid of C.M./ Strawberry Cough & its beauty.

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  3. gghaw says:

    this ish right here, this ish right here this is the ish!!!!!

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  4. marc says:

    wow they should include breeder/lineage info so we know how to obtain the genes!

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    johnny tucan Reply:

    marc. you find them on the internet, dumbass.

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  5. James Filchak says:

    My favorite

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