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Cream Caramel

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Cream Caramel 

Strain Name: Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel

Grade: A-

Type: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Genetics: BlueBlack X Skunk #1 X Maple Leaf Indica

Looks: Mostly dense buds heavily coated with resin

Smell: Mix of sweet/spice/skunk/dung

Taste: smooth,creamy hints of vanilla, hashy, spice, and sweet

Effects: Powerful and instantly felt. “You sit AND STAY pot”. Best during the evenings for reading, t.v., sex and music- you can’t do much else. POTENT, 2-3 hits is all I need for the entire evening.

Potency: An 8.5/9 by my standards. There’s a lot of variety within the strain. I found an early Blueberry pheno (BlueBlack= Blueberry X Black Domina) which is the keeper but I had to grow out 25 plants to find it.

Reviewed by: SSHZ

Good Strain For: Relaxing, sleeping, anti-anxiety, stimulate appetite, numbing physical discomforts.

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2 Responses to “Cream Caramel”

  1. Dr.Blossoms says:

    “BlueBlack X Skunk #1 X Maple Leaf Indica”

    Actually it’s BlueBlack x Mapple Leaf Indica x White Rhino.

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  2. CRaiNKy says:

    I have this stuff curing in my cookie jar. I must say that most of my caretakers have taken serious notice of this strain, true toffee flavored medicine.

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