Cotton Candy

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Cotton Candy

Strain Name: Cotton Candy (aka) kotton kandy

Grade: a+

Type: sativa mixed

Looks: green and pink areas

Smell: like cotton candy!!

Taste: fruity with a unmistakable cotton candy after taste

Effects: strong!

Potency: high!

Reviewed by: northerncalifornia (find me at

Good for: all new growers find it realy easy to maintain.

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4 Responses to “Cotton Candy”

  1. More Info says:

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  2. Hawaiigirlgreen says:

    I’v been growin cotton candy and pineapple express for 2yrs. Anyone who enjoys flavors from candy store will enjoy this medicine.. It takes away all my pains of bein a plumber in Fairbanks, AK.

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  3. Malcolm White says:

    Looks Like The Bud Has Not Sprouted

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  4. Looperman says:

    I grow Cotton Candy and pick it in the fairly early stage of ripeness. As soon as I see a few amber colored drops. A very nice taste and a great result. Takes away all my pains.

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