Cinderella 99 (C99)

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Cinderella 99

Strain Name: Cinderella 99 (C99)

Grade: A

Type: Sativa dominant hybrid (Strong on the Sativa side)

Looks: Magnificent, tight frosty buds, with a little bit of purple, and covered with crystals. Beautiful.

Smell: Smells a bit like lemon haze or what you’d think lemon haze would smell like. C99 is zesty, and bit fruitful.

Taste: A skunky zesty fruitful, lemon flavor. That is for what little flavor you get out of this one. A great benefactor though, the smoke is clean and comes out smooth.

Effects: Instant real, clear high. Though unlike most sativas this one has you head stoned real quick and powerfully. Definitely not just a body high with this one, assumed by most to be standard with a sativa.

Potency: 9.25/10

Reviewed by: TheClutchMan

Good Strain For: Daytime use, Stress, Depression

Cinderella 99

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4 Responses to “Cinderella 99 (C99)”

  1. someguyyoumaynotknow says:

    I used to grow this a few years ago. It’s a very easy to grow sativa strain and it’s potency should set the standards in sativa. The buds are medium to large for a sativa. The strain does take somewhat longer to grow than most indica but by sativa standards it is a quick grower. Whatever the case you’ll enjoy the high more than anything it’s clear and motivated. You can accomplish a lot with c99 helping you out. Helps aid in depression invigorating your day. Great for people with ADHD. I really miss my c99 I’d love to grow it again but the seeds are hard to find and expensive.

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  2. raweed walleye says:

    the best damn kief i ever got …. chunky and red . almost had a ” haad attackkk” the best yet .

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  3. anon says:

    looove me some c99. looks like you got a real nice batch here! im jelly. nothing like some c99 in the morning, or in the afternoon. night owls like me can take a liking to this strain as well during the evening !

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  4. dr greene says:

    Cindy was my Christmas “tree” last year. Imported from CO, not my grow. Fuckin’ stuff reminds me of speed or coke! First vape hit gave a soaring rush upon exhale and left me full of energy and mental clarity. She tastes and smells like the holidays. :)

    A+ 9.5/10 … Her royal highness! Private Reserve. Especially in a prohibition state.

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