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Strain Name: Chiesel

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Genetics: Cheese X Sour Diesel

Looks: The bud is a very dull green with deep red hairs. It is very light and covered with foggy crystals that cover every inch of it it is extremely sticky and just lightly pressing on the bud will make it glue to your fingers.

Smell: The smell is very very very strong. It rightfully smells like cheese and sour diesel and oddly enough that is its breed. Knowing its genetics it is easy to see why this bud is just so damn stinky. The best part is that overlaying cheese smell that drowns out the normally overpowering sour d smell. This strain I can say is the best smelling i have come across.

Taste: The taste is a head rush in itself. The taste of Everclear vodka and sour grapes comes to mind and drowns your whole face in this fantastic taste. It has a taste as memerable as the smell and it is very inviting to smoke.

Effects: This strain is slightly deceiving. From the awesome look intoxicating smell and the truly memerable taste I was expecting one of the strongest strains i have tried yet but that was not the case. The high was very nice and very energetic and up but it really goes away from the spacey head high that its parent Sour diesel has. The high was really quite nice and did wonders for my knee but the effects were far to short and i found myself feeling that pain not much more than a hour later.

Potency: Little more than a hour

Reviewed by: str8bongin



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3 Responses to “Chiesel”

  1. sourdiesel says:

    I’ll toss a nug in a blunt nd start my friday off right. Look like great smoke im smoking on og white widow nd i know that ish don’t campare on wats in my blunt….

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  2. connoisseur says:

    lookin pretty good. trim that.

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  3. tim says:

    The reviewer nor the reviewed understand syntax. “You’re so intelligent,” yeah? How about a comma or two, dummies.

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