Strain Type | Chem Diesel, Sativa

Chem Diesel

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chem diesel

Strain Name: Chem Diesel

Genetics: Chem 91 x Sour Diesel

Grade: A+

Type: sativa

Looks: light green and frosty

Smell: very strong diesly smell

Taste: this strain tastes exactly like it smells. If you like sour diesel imagine it times ten and you have chem diesel.

Effects: heady cerebral high,dont have plans,couch lock

Potency: i’d have to rate the potency at ten due to the fact that after one good hit im toasty:)

Reviewed by: rynfrmdertylew

Good strain for: insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain

chem diesel

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2 Responses to “Chem Diesel”

  1. MTB says:

    Chem D provides an outstanding, relaxing high. Enjoy this strain in the privacy of your home. Don’t even think about venturing outside!

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  2. Slick says:

    Dank strong stuff, possibly the same strain as Star Dawg

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