Chem 91

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Strain Name: Chem 91

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: Just looking at this, I can tell it is a pretty solid bud. The hairs are peach colored from the trichomes, and the leaves are a nice lime green tint.

Smell: It smells very diesely, even pretty dried out this little bud permeated through the room very quickly when ground. On the edge of the scent is a nice hashy smell, but it gets overwhelmed, on a deeper inhale, by the diesel scent.

Taste: This doesn’t taste at all like I was expecting. Initially, on exhale, there is a kind of metallic taste, followed by a kind of smoky flavor. It follows up with a kind of salty lemon flavor.

Effects: Very heady active buzz. It did not work on the sharper stomach pains, but my mood was definitely improved. Energy kind of felt like it radiated out from my lower head into my body and limbs. Thoughts felt accelerated to where I was having trouble keeping up with them.

Potency: While this one only lasted 4 hours, it was pretty intense for that duration. I’d have to give this one a 9 out of 10 on potency.

Reviewed by: In The Blue

Good Strain For: Not wonderful for sharp pains, or sleep, but for nausea and mood enhancement it works great.

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4 Responses to “Chem 91”

  1. Buggins says:

    Genetically Modified Cannabis seeds will NEVER have a place in my garden. I trust mother nature. Not Big Pharma. And for the uninitiated, THC percentages over 30% without any other ancillary cannabinoids might seem amazing. But all those other cannabinoids are essential for allowing cannabis to exert it’s medicinal effects on the body. You cant simply take one and not the 60+ others. Users of sativex spray will tell you that pure THC with no ancillary CBDs to balance the high is not a very pleasurable experience for most.

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  2. theogstrain says:

    Quinn… It is a review, which means, to be delivered properly should address both sides of the story. The guy was not ragging on it, just stating the facts. You’ll get to that next year in high school. And, if you knew anything about good green, you would know that Chem 91′ is a legendary strain. Do yourself a favor and look it up… It is a special 1991 cut of Chemdog. If you ever find some… Smoke it!

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  3. Quinn805cali says:

    Lol says not for pains no shit its a sativa, Indica’s are more for narcotic relief. Its good for depression, and good for day time creative smoke.. and for a picture dont you pic out the very best nug for the pic?? if this is the best its more like B- tiny airy nugs…not the strain its the grower..

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  1. Banned Buds Week: Girl Scout Cookies | Cannabis Now says:

    […] As legend goes, a man referred to as Chemdog received a sample of some amazing herb at a Grateful Dead show in Colorado sometime in the early ’90s and later ordered some of this herb out to the East Coast where he lived. Twelve seeds were found in the bags that Chemdog ordered and from those seeds legends have been born, most notably: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Chem 4 and Chem 91. […]

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