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Strain Name: Cheese

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid-Sativa dominant (80/20)

Looks: 80% of the nugs are covered in orange hairs with small bits of lime green. Completely covered in crystals! Absolutely stunning. This strain definately lives up to its name. Looks like its dusted with powdered cheese. Pic doesn’t give it justice at all. 10/10

Smell: Piney, sweet, and a little bit of skunk. VERY potent. Once the jar is cracked it can linger for an hour or so. Smells amazing! 10/10

Taste: Smooth for the most part. Maybe a couple of small coughs after exhale. Piney and a tad sweet. You get that little peppery feeling in the nose as well; which I like. 10/10

Effects: Very euphoric. Lovely little body stone with a nice clear-headed giggly feeling. Hits the body as soon as you exhale. Then travels to the feet and head simultaneously. 10/10

Potency: Hits you very quickly and lasts a couple of hours. 10/10

Reviewed by: Drew

Good Strain For: Migraines, depression, and general chronic pain.

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3 Responses to “Cheese”

  1. growbread says:

    there are the clone only uk cheese and a bunch of cheese crosses available. The uk cheese clone is something special.

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  2. TB-303 says:

    Definitely an A grade medicine. Very strong medicine good for insomnia, apetite, stress and basically chillin out. I could see myself exercising though but my mind was just so relaxed I felt better listening to music and watching a movie. Would be great for a campfire with the stars out. See I’m stoned right now from the stuff. Pungent smell and makes your brain shudder a bit when you take a bong hit. Slept great last night and I suffer from insomnia. Peace.

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  3. colin says:

    hey guys which seed bank is this cheese from cause this is my favorite strain and i really really want to grow it any answers will be good thansk

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