Strain Type | Champagne Kush, Sativa

Champagne Kush

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champagne kush

Strain Name: Champagne Kush

Grade: B

Type: hybrid 50/50

Looks: bright green very long hairs

Smell: very much like champagne

Taste: like it smells not very strong

Effects: head rush

Potency: 7/10

Reviewed by: bababaked

Good Strain For: daytime activity

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4 Responses to “Champagne Kush”

  1. PhxRocks says:

    This strain is very appropriately named.

    I just got done vaporizing about a half-gram in the Silver Surfer, and the vapor distinctly tastes like champagne!

    Great all-around high. Not TOO strong…great energetic buzz!

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  2. PMoney420 says:

    How can you call Champagne B class weed? It’s one of my favorite strains… Perfect balance between an awesome euphoria, function, and a horny, awesome high. Super dank smell, smooth hits that taste like champagne.
    What’s not to rate highly about?

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  3. brandy says:

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  4. Volcanobis says:

    Thanks for the great reviews! The picture for the blackberry kush review did not show up because there is a pound sign in the file name.

    Can you rename it and either submit it through the site under the submit a strain review or email to admin (at)


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