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Blue Dream is a cross of Blueberry and Haze and was bred as both sativa and indica. Blue Dream is 20% indica, the second kind of Cannabis that was discovered by Jean Lamarck. Cannabis indica relatively short, conical and densely branched. It was traditionally cultivated for the production of hashish in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Blue Dream is 80% sativa, an annual herbaceous plant in the Cannabaceae family. Sativa is a Latin word meaning cultivated. This herb have cultivated throughout recorded history as a source of industrial fiber, seed oil, food, recreation and medicine. Cannabis sativa’s seed is a valuable source of protein that usually used as caged-bird feed. The flowers contain Cannabinoids, a psychoactive and physiologically active chemical compound, that are applied for recreational and medicinal purposes. Cannabis sativa plant is a taller, slender variety, characterized by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear-like flower group that can be extremely resinous.

Blue Dream looks beautiful in closer look high lighten the nuggets, the orange hair and the fuzziness. The color of Blue Dream is very light green with blue under tones. It has very fruity aroma and mint or pine type scent from Blueberry, Berry and Haze. It was bred in Oaksterdam University but it was originally found in California. Blue Dream taste Blueberry on the inhale, Berry and Floral on the exhale but very tingly on the tongue. It can be smoked through vaporizer and bong. But Blue Dream is best used with bong that gives pleasant taste and effect. This plant is a super-potent variety of medical Cannabis with duration 3-4 hour’s effectiveness.

Blue Dream is highly effective and long lasting pain reliever that has a pleasant fruity task. Even though it has only 20% indica spectrum, the Blueberry genetics are considered strong and used for medical Cannabis. But it was 80% sativa because of Haze content, which originally from Green House Seeds in Amsterdam. Blue Dream is a good for nausea, depression, migraines and Bi-Polar syndrome. Blue Dream as medical Cannabis helps patients free from stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Also makes the patients feel euphoric, creative, uplifted, happy and energetic. Blue Dream obviously affect the well-being of the user, it is because Blue Dream is a Cannabis sativa base.

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Pineapple Express Weed A Garden Plant

Pineapple Express weed are high-grade Cannabis seed that were previously extremely rare. Pineapple Express weed become known because of the movie Pineapple Express in 2008 written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and was released on August 6, 2008. The story was about a 25 years old process server who witnesses the dangerous drug lord and corrupted cop committing murder. The process server panics and leaves his roach containing a rare strain of marijuana called Pineapple Express. The marijuana used in the movie contained synthetic Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that gets the user high. Pineapple Express has higher content levels of THC and lower levels of Cannabinoids, also known as CBD, a psychoactive chemical compound. But Pineapple Express weed is not an illegal variation. Synthetic THC have the purpose of trying to mimic the effects receive from marijuana as possible.

Pineapple Express weed’s origin is unknown and a sativa hybrid. Cannabis sativa is an herbaceous plant that every part has purpose or use. Cannabis sativa plant is describe as tall and loose branched. Pineapple Express weed is a pale shade of green high lighten with brighter green, the buds are some of the frostiest buds ever recorded. Tiny, pure white crystals filled up every hidden corner and chink of every bud. There is also array of long dark brown hairs. Pineapple Express weed smells like sweet rotten fruit pineapple with a lemon undertone. It has a sweet resinous like a sativa hazy hash plant with lemony burnt taste. It is a fruit on the inhale, hash plant on the exhale.

As Cannabis sativa plant, Pineapple Express weed will affect the user’s well-being to be energetic and euphoric. This plant’s potency rate is extremely high. This plant can be used as anti depression for working employees and athletes. Pineapple Express weed has uncommon Cannabis seed quality. It is a great producer, easy to grow and fast flowering kind of plant. Pineapple Express weed will be loved by hydroponic marijuana gardener.

Strain Type Marijuana News

Purple Haze Speaks Itself

Purple Haze is a special and exotic marijuana strain due to its many qualities. The name purple haze speaks itself because of the color of its buds at harvest time. The buds will turn into beautiful purple color when the plant matured. Also, purple haze’s buds are covered in crystals, giving it a sugared look mixed with the purple color. It is developed by Dutch seed breeders known for its purple color, abundance of white trichomes and high potency. Sometimes, purple haze describes as light dull green with thick milky orange hairs and has loads of crystals. It has a very sweet and sour taste, has strong stoned giving an individual an energetic high. Purple haze is the type of Cannabis sativa that is very stable plant when it comes to harvesting. Also, this plant can grow in cold weather and this type of Cannabis sativa is ideal for growing in different climates. Usually, it has THC level of 15%-20% strong and grows within 70-90 cm with a flowering time of 8 weeks.

In terms of texture, purple haze is very sticky and moist. Upon smelling, it gives pungent sweet and sour mixed aroma. It can be use as a medicine. In fact, purple haze can be “medical Cannabis” which refers to the parts of the herb used as a physician recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy or to synthetic forms of specific cannabinoids (such as CBD). As such, cannabis is one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs of traditional Chinese medicines which are prescribed for a broad range of indications. According to Kohler’s book of medicinal plants, medical cannabis such as purple haze is illegal in most countries. But in some, like United States wherein they have that first legal medical marijuana plant grown called “Victoria” and the government entertain varying levels of decriminalization for medical usage. Medical cannabis avid supporters claimed that this cannabis does have several beneficial effects. Among these effects are the amelioration of nausea and vomiting, stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy and AIDs patients, effective in treating glaucoma as well as gastrointestinal illness.

It was reported that cannabis helps reduce tics (habitual twitching of muscles especially face) but further study required to proved it. Also, in the study of Craig Reinarman, cannabis used to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and itching. Apart from that, cannabis such as purple haze serves as energizing medicine.

Strain Type Marijuana News

Killa Crip Kush A Hybrid Plant

Killa Crip Kush is a Strain type Cannabis seed. Killa Crip Kush is 20% sativa, a kind of Cannabis. Cannabis sativa is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae family. Each part of the Cannabis sativa plant like Killa Crip Kush is harvested differently depending on the suitable intention of its use. The primary effects of Cannabis sativa are on the mind and emotions of the user.

Killa Crip Kush is 80% indica, the second species of Cannabis that was published by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785, describing the newly discovered species from the plant specimens collected in India. Cannabis indica is an annual plant in the Cannabaceae ancestors. A commonly accepted species of the genus Cannabis, it is typically differentiated from Cannabis sativa. Cannabis indica may originate from the Hindu Kush mountain range according to Schultes’s and Anderson’s descriptions about indica plants. These species are well suited for cultivation in temperate weather conditions.

Killa Crip Kush smells like a skunk ejected an ill-smelling fluid when startled. It tastes like juicy fruit having an acid or sharp taste. It is also very high in potency rate. Before attempting to smoke this kind of strain, make sure the refrigerator has plenty of storage for eating and drinking because Killa Crip Kush when too much smoked will make the user crippled or disabled for 2 to 3 hours maximum. It can paralyze the lower trunk and legs if the user’s usage is beyond limit. Killa Crip Kush is a hybrid Cannabis plant for being both sativa and indica. This plant can be used as medical Cannabis in either daytime and night time.

Killa Crip Kush has beneficial characteristics such as pain reliever in addition to being an effective treatment for insomnia and an anxiolytic person. It also gives people an increased sense of well-being. Killa Crip Kush can be helpful and at the same time dangerous but it will be hazardous only if Killa Crip Kush is used excessively.

Strain Type Marijuana News

Medical Marijuana Card


Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana card is a certain card which allows a person to grow, process, and smoke marijuana for medicinal uses but it would be under law which varies from state to state. As you know, you can use medical marijuana for many ailments like depression, anxiety, pain and a lot more.

Currently, the legalization of medical marijuana has already been established in 15 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. Normally, the use of medical marijuana card is managed differently per state and each state has its own laws when it comes to growing, harvesting, distribution and possession of medical marijuana.

Moreover, 10 states have pending legislation’s in the legalization of medical marijuana which includes Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and North Carolina. But there are also 5 states in which the use of medical marijuana card has failed which include Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

The Public Health Department in each state is the in charge for the issuance of medical marijuana cards. First, you must have a doctor’s recommendation and upon approval, most states allow for 3-12 months of validity, depending on which state the medical marijuana card was issued. Once expired, the card needs renewal for you to use the benefits offered by it.

The benefits brought about by the use of medical marijuana card include free possession and usage of marijuana, access to medical marijuana suppliers within your state, cultivation of marijuana for personal usage and the free conscience that you are abiding the laws of your state regarding the use of medical marijuana.

Now you already know the benefits and use of having medical marijuana card so if you are using marijuana and don’t have any card, it means that you are illegally using the medication which can subject you to harsh civil and criminal penalties.

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Chicago Marijuana


Chicago Marijuana

Chicago Marijuana

Chicago Marijuana needs to be the name of the perfect weed out there. For those who believe that marijuana will never be legal had better Google Chicago Marijuana. The smart people of Chicago have decided to decriminalize the possession of Marijuana in amounts of 15 grams or less. If you are caught, now you will receive a ticket with a fine amount somewhere between $250 to $500! This was not one of those controversial votes, the city council passed this new ordinance by a vote of 43 to 3 and Mayor Emanuel loves it. This is not a new thing, more than a dozen states already have similar laws. Keep your fingers crossed because this November Colorado and Washington (state) will ask voters to legalize recreational marijuana. If either of these states pass the vote that will make Chicago Marijuana seem like lawnmower weed. Please be patient, however, this new ordinance does not take effect until August 4, 2012. That means straight to jail before then. I have to share the facts and figures, so that I do not appear to much like a pot-head … the mayors department states that is a triangle of good business for the police department. Side A: this change will bring in boo-que bucks in fine fees paid. (uhm, I see a small flaw in their plan here but I’m saying nothing.) Side B: This will free-up the police to spend more time doing actual police work and getting real bad guys. The CPD arrested 18,900 people last year for possession of less than 10 grams of Chicago Marijuana last year. Side C: A large number of those convicted of this “crime” are young minorities and the majors department believes this blemish on their record has hurt them in finding employment. Think before you partake in the name of Chicago Marijuana – this ordinance is void on all school grounds and parks or if you are without your id or under the age of 17. Speaking of 17, 17 states have legalized medical marijuana and the District of Columbia. A special thanks to NORML for all the efforts. Don’t forget, Chicago Marijuana begins August 4, 2012.

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Medical Marijuana


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