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Sticky Icky OG Kush

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Sticky Icky OG Kush

Strain Name: Sticky Icky OG Kush

Grade: A+

Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid

Looks: Looks and feels like it’s name, really sticky, although it’s not that icky. Like it’s OG siblings, it has those fluorescent and gorgeous orange hairs. A great looking green color, not too dark & not too bright. Some amount of crystals that cover the bud. This is the stickiest strain I have ever did touch. Comes in large and dense clusters.

Smell: Has a strong pine smell. Like something I would want to have hanging in my car so it can smell better. This smell will overcome any other smell, and it can stay for a while; the sticky side of course. It has a rich aroma that reminds me of other fantastic OG strains.

Taste: Tastes funky, but not in a bad way. A flavorful kind of tree or ravishing fruit. I do taste a hint of lemon, but that not all, you also get a blast of earthly elements in there.

Effects: This OG plant combines a sedating cerebral effect with a numbing physical response. It is a pleasant, smooth, and long-lasting ride you don’t want to get off from. I have had a friend use a vaporizer and he has told me it has given him better results, but either way you intake this kush, it is guaranteed alleviate the distress of insomnia or chronic pain.

Potency: Extremely Potent. It will have you stuck to your bed if you are not too careful. It lasted me a good two hours, but still I was a bit high the continuing hours. This may be top shelf but it can be found anywhere really; I was able to get some grams from Long Beach, but any local shop around California will have in stock for sure.

Reviewed by: HighCrow

Good Strain For: Fighting Insomnia, chronic pains, sleeping, a well night or afternoon, some rest, lazy days, relaxation, eye strains, and muscle reliever.

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Strain Type Indica, Sticky Icky OG Kush

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