Strain Type | Purple Urkle I.D.

Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor)

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Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor) Marijuana

Purple Urkle I.D. ( Indoor)

Strain Name: Purple Urkle I.D. ( indoor)

Grade: Top Shelf/A+++++

Type: Indica

Looks: Dense as a Rock nugs, dark green triched out to the max! So hard to pull off the stem it made my fingers hurt. For purp lovers this is the holy grail of purps. Nug porn

Smell: Legendary. Imagine blue, grapes, purple and flowers all smeared together in a strangely euphoric sent. Gave me goose bumps every time I smelled it.

Taste: like grape soda and blue berries mixed with some fresh flower petals.

Effects: Almost instantly aware of the urkle creeping up on you. It hits slow and once it hits, the stone is intense, almost on the verge of a psychedelic effect. Very strong typical Indica couch lock but its an enjoyable couch lock;) STONEY!

Potency: 9.5 out of ten. I’m not one to give tens out either. This is honestly some of the stronger Indica stones I’ve ever experienced! Have fun and medicate with this stuff if you happen to get your hands on the Legendary.

Reviewed by: your kneighborhood stoner man

Good Strain For: Whatevers cleaver baby

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Strain Type Indica, Purple Urkle I.D.

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