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Orange Crush x Ice Cream

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Orange Crush x Ice Cream

Strain Name: Orange Crush x Ice Cream

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Dark green with a light frostiness to it. Very few dark orange hairs.

Smell: Very orangey and dank.

Taste: I have been toking this on a vaporizer, and it is like breathing candy. So incredible, this is some of the best tasting weed I’ve ever smoked.

Effects: Kind of tingly, very relaxed, body buzz. For the lead-up: the wonderful scent, the gorgeous buds, the uniquely amazing flavor; the high was really a let-down. All this buzz ended up being was a pretty generic, mid-grade, indica buzz. When smoked it becomes a very heavy high.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5-2 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: Good for body and stomach pain and appetite stimulation, but not the greatest for headaches. If smoked, it is very good for going to sleep. If vaporized, it works as a, chronic pain, day smoke.

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