Strain Type | Lil Afghani

Lil Afghani

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Strain Name: Lil Afghani

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: Light Green, Very Dense, Small Nuggets through every ounce,

Smell: Very Strong Boo Boo Smell with sweet undertones. (Actually made my buddy checc his fingers after he took the first sniff from the jar. The Boo Boo smell tricced him at first.

Taste: Earthy taste, strong kinda skunky in the way that you will definitely be coughing when you hit it out of the bubbler or glass piece.

Effects: More of a social smoke. I found this used best for a upbeat mood with a relaxing feeling. You will find yourself chatting and then kinda drift off for a second or ramble. Over-all the high was around a couple of hours and picced me up and set me bacc down rather smoothly.

Potency: 8/10

Reviewed by: Mastermind

Good Strain For: Anxiety, Depression, Best used for social environments if someone has a social anxiety.

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Strain Type Indica, Lil Afghani

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