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Strain Name: Hog

Grade: A

Type: Indica dominant

Looks: Big Beautiful purple nuggest

Smell: rich

Taste: spicy

Effects: Stoning

Potency: Very

Reviewed by: Jordan

Good Strain For: Getting Baked

Strain Type Hog, Indica


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Strain Name: Hog

Grade: A

Type: Indica hybrid

Genetics: Afghani x kush

Looks: Eye catching with the beautiful consistency in trichomes. The orange hairs jump out at you as if the Hog is asking for a show down!!!

Smell: Sweet & Spicy with a Slight tingling sensation afterwards

Taste: Taste just like it smells!!

Effects: Hard and heavy of the body! Great for an evening smoke.

Potency: High as the Sky

Reviewed by: Acme Smoke Co Springs

Good Strain For: neuropathy, body aches and pains

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Strain Type Hog, Indica

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