Strain Type | Hash Dawg

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hash dawg

Strain Name: Hash Dawg

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: The buds are very airy but dank looking. There are a few hairs that are a medium brown but are very short and stuck against the bud because of the crystals. It has a medium crystal cover but its definitely noticeable.

Smell: The smell is very unique in that it is incredibly sweet so sweet it smells like cake frosting slightly mixed with a really old whiskey. The smell is is very nice and i believe contributes to ultimately a great high.

Taste: The taste is also very sweet but has a strong aftertaste of hash. The process of taking the hit is very smooth but while holding it in a certain hash like taste moves in and soon becomes quite harsh. The exhale is very similar to C4 Hash in that it is almond extract like.

Effects: The high comes on slow and it is easy to mistake this weeds strength and just keep taking hits; but don’t! If you just keep smoking you will end up waking up half a day later. After a little while you will start to notice a very strong body high that just pretty much puts you on your ass. Its not debilitating but definitely not the bud to smoke before going to physical therapy or anything that requires you to do a lot of work. This strain is great at fixing nausea and my favorite, insomnia because like I said if you need to sleep just keep smoking this strain and you’ll be out.

Potency: 2-3.5 hrs

Reviewed by: str8bongin

hash dawghash dawg

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