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Silver Haze

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Silver Haze Marijuana

Strain Name: Silver Haze

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Not very aesthetically pleasing if you’re used to similar sativas like Maui Wowwee and Blue Dream. Trichomes will be visible up close and when nugs are broken up.

Smell: The Northern Lights give it a sweet smell, and the Haze has its standard sharpness. Very close to Jack Herer, which has the name lineage, minus Skunk #1

Taste: Earthy yet its own unique Sativa taste, like a White Widow…smells like one thing and tastes like another.

Effects: Great “heady” buzz, even good for evenings. Excellent for a relaxing, yet focused high.

Potency: All about quality on this one. A regular silver haze can be bomb if its well-grown and cured properly. I’d say up to an 8/10.

Reviewed by: S.TripleX

Good Strain For: light-work, writing, documentaries, socializing

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Strain Type Sativa, Silver Haze

Silver Haze

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Silver Haze

Strain Name: Silver Haze

Grade: A

Type: sativa

Looks: deep green ,many orange hairs with a frosty touch

Smell: strong piney smell

Taste: light smooth mint taste

Effects: great head high,mind relaxing gave me a real happy feeling`

Potency: 1hr 25ms

Reviewed by: lo$928

Good Strain For: pain, depression, socializing, real up lifting strain

Silver Haze

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Strain Type Sativa, Silver Haze2 Comments

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