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C4 Hash

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C4 hash

Strain Name: C4 Hash

Grade: B

Type: Not real sure but based on the high sativa.

Looks: Extremely dark brown and it is constantly glinting with T.H.C. The consistency was very putty like and moldable.

Smell: The smell is very sweet and has a slight lemon pinsole smell aswell. While being burned the smell instantly changes to a thick hashy mustyness.

Taste: The taste is very much unlike the smell being that it is very musty almost almond like. For hash this stuff taste great.

Effects: The high was great like most hashes but even better because it made me just want to get up and move and do something. It is euphoric in that way and a great daytime smoke but it will mess you up.

Potency: 3-4 hrs

Reviewed by: str8bongin

c4 hashish

Strain Type C4 Hash, Sativa

Sweet Tooth

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sweet tooth

Strain Name: Sweet Tooth

Grade: A

Type: Sativa

Looks: The nug is very nice looking it has few hairs peach colored hairs and a pretty nice crystal cover. It is VERY dense and it shows on the scale.

Smell: Not to impressive but it did have a slight sweet and musky smell similar to antifreeze but even that was extremely faint.

Taste: The taste like the smell is very very light in fact far to light for my liking but the most i could get from it was a sweet candy like after taste that stayed for awhile.

Effects: This strain should be called The Little Nug That Could because this strain earned its grade in the high alone. It is extremely dream like and pleasant and even as I write this review I keep dazing off to a odd black spec on the upper corner of my wall. This is a sativa and it is somewhat down but it gives you a feeling of extreme creativity.

Potency: 1-2 hrs

Reviewed by: str8bongin

sweet tooth medical marijuana

Strain Type Sativa, Sweet Tooth19 Comments


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Strain Name: Blueberry

Grade: C-

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Tons of light orange hairs wrap around the buds. Hints of light and dark green visible under the bright orange hairs.

Smell: Smells like an old cold musty basement with hints of lemon and earth when you crack the jar. Smells kind of spicey and earthy when it’s broken up – does not smell lemony when it’s broken up. Smell is very similar to pure gold.

Taste: Earthy and musty with a hint of burnt campfire leaves.

Effects: Day time use! Good for getting stuff done with a clear head. Provided a good energy boost with a somewhat relaxing calming effect. Not real strong – takes more than the usual amount to provide medicinal effects.

Potency: Weak

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: This batch of blueberry was unlike any other blueberry strains I’ve had in the past and was not very impressive. This batch of blueberry reminds me more of pure gold based on the smell and taste. It did not have the trademark blueberry or fruity berry smell. The grow and cure job on this batch of blueberry was poor as can be seen in the pictures…

blueberry marijuana

Strain Type Blueberry, Sativa10 Comments

Doyon Bud

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doyon bud

Strain Name: Doyon Bud

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Massive lime-green fluffy nugs with very noticeable crystals. Small patches of purple throughout the bud.

Smell: Very strong skunk smell that stings the nostrils in the best way.

Taste: Strong pine taste that continues to get better as you smoke.

Effects: This bud is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Helps with anxiety and puts very euphoric thoughts in your mind. This bud will give you the munchies and definitelywill help with eating disorders.

Potency: Lasts from 2.5-3 hours

From: Local medicinal grower

Reviewed By: Jeff and Jarad

Strain Type Doyon Bud, Sativa1 Comment

Buddahs Love

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Buddahs Love

Strain Name: Buddahs Love

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid ( Sour Diesel X Buddah Cheese )

Looks: The bud is very light and extremely crystaly. The hairs are a medium brown but just drenched with tasty trichromes. Just from looking at this strain you can tell it will be good.

Smell: The Sour diesel in this strain comes out very strong in the smell. It has that sweet and sour smell that you find with the best grown Sour D. It is also mixed with a intense aroma of bluecheese.

Taste: The taste is my favorite part of this strain. One hit will fill your mouth and nose with a very intense taste that alone delivers a fantastic head rush. The taste is very sour and “Danky”. You are then left with a nice skunky bluecheese flavor that stays with you for a long time.

Effects: Although this is a sativa dominant strain the high is so intense that you can be couch locked by simply thinking to much and dazing off into your own thoughts. The pain relief is top notch because most of the time you are too deep in thought to feel anything. Personally this may be the strongest and best strains i have had in awhile.

Potency: 2-3 hrs

Reviewed by: Str8bongin

buddahs love medical marijuana

Strain Type Buddahs Love, Sativa5 Comments


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Strain Name: Deadman

Grade: C+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Extremely dark buds with very dark red colored hairs. There is very little crystal formation. The bud is slightly airy to the point were a 1/8 looks like a 1/4.

Smell: Not too pleasing at all it is very herby and harsh smelling which to me seems like there was not much of a curing process. After I ground it up it released a slight orange scent that was pleasing.

Taste: The taste is not to much to brag over either it was slightly orangy but once again the taste of chlorophyll over powers any natural taste the bud could have given off had it been cured properly.

Effects: The high is mostly energetic but very light. Personally I very much like indicas because its sleep and relaxing qualities but this bud just made me want to get up and move. If you have important things to do this is the bud for you although the lightness of the high is hard to get medicated on.

Potency: Lasted 1 to 1-1/2 hours

Reviewed by: Str8bongin


Strain Type Deadman, Sativa12 Comments

Cinderella 99 (C99)

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Strain Name: Cinderella 99 (C99)

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Sativa Dominant

Looks: Light green with dark orange / red hairs. Lots of crystals cover each part of the dense bud.

Smell: Does not have a real strong smell until it’s broken up. Smells like a watermelon or that mystery white flavor airhead candy when it’s broken up.

Taste: Piney with hints of chemically engineered fruit flavor, similar to the candy airhead’s smell. Skunky overtones with slight hints of burnt campfire leaves taste on exhale. Had a different kind of a piney taste, tasted the way the fake christmas tree’s in the 80’s smelled.

Effects: Day time use! Provided an energetic, clear head type of medicinal effect. Also enhanced my mood and produced anti-anxiety feelings. Standard sativa medicinal effects.

Potency: Medium

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: I wish the taste was more fruity like the smell! Puts out thick smooth vapors from the volcano.


Strain Type Cinderella 99 (C99), Sativa13 Comments

NYC Sour Diesel

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nyc sour diesel

Strain Name: NYC Sour Diesel

Grade: B+

Type: Sativa

Looks: Lightish buds covered with very thick orange orange hairs everywhere.

Smell: Moderately strong, slightly of diesel fuel but moreso sweet.

Taste: Very sweet, as progressing it begins to be sweet with a very small amount of bitterness mixed in as it gets charred.

Effects: Extremely euphoric throughout in higher amounts, also made me very hyper and wanting to move even when I was laying down.

Potency: It definately creeps on you, I felt a buzz for about 20 minutes and then it all hit me at once strong. The effects lasted 1 and a half to about 2 hours

Reviewed By: Mitch

Strain Type NYC Sour Diesel, Sativa12 Comments

White Widow

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white widow

Strain Name: White Widow

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Very thick bud with tons of trichomes all over it and a good number of very long thick orange hairs

Smell: Incredibly strong smell, able to smell it from across the room easily, slightly spicy scent to it

Taste: Spicy at first, goes down very smooth. As you progress it begins to get a slightly sweet taste to it.

Effects: Very euphoric at first, when up and moving it gives a very energetic feeling like I was able to run a mile. When I laid down and rested I felt slightly couch locked but not enough to prevent movement. The high is very clear minded giving you much more room to think.

Potency: Extremely potent, one hit had me going with a pretty good buzz for 30 minutes or so. About 5-10 hits later I was intensely high and it lasted for about 3 hours.

Reviewed By: Mitch

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Strain Type Sativa, White Widow32 Comments

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