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Strain Name: grape fruit

Grade: B-

Type: Indica

Looks: light green with lots of dark specks in it with alot of light orange hairs

Smell: like a grapefruit mixed with a skunk

Taste: same as smell

Effects: very strong head high/tired

Potency: 6/10

Reviewed by: thecannabisguru

Good Strain For: afternoon smoke

Strain Type Grapefruit, Sativa6 Comments


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Strain Name: GrapeFruit

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid – S/I

Looks: Lime green with yellowing leaves in the mix and amber pistils. Good trichome density as well. Relatively dense nugs and good in size.

Smell: Like the fruit isle at the grocery store. Nothing else to say.

Taste: Very sweet grapefruit taste. Like a fruity bubblegum.

Effects: Some lethargy and some fuzziness in the upper half of the body. But still creative in the buzz effect. Afternoon smoke.

Potency: 3-4tokes feeling good. 5-6 couchtime.Good for mild pain relief and insomnia.

Reviewed by: Mr.Skunk

Grapefruit Growing

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Strain Type Grapefruit, Sativa4 Comments

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