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Grapefruit Haze

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grape fruit haze

Strain Name: Grapefruit Haze

Grade: C-

Type: Sativa

Looks: Light to medium dark green buds that are kind of airy (standard sativa) with bright orange/redish hairs. (6/10)

Smell: Has a slight hint of grapefruit that is overpowered by haze. The haze smell is kind of sweet, followed by a leafy smell. (6/10)

Taste: Has a very bland taste with a tiny hint of citrus fruit overpowered by a light burnt leaf taste. (5/10)

Effects: Day time use. Very energetic and concentrated effects. Good strain to use during the day when lots of tasks need to be completed. Very clear head. Not a good strain for high tolerance, it won’t do much. (5/10)

Potency: Weak (5/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: Did not put out a lot of vapor from the volcano. This strain seems to have a lot of the characteristics of haze as opposed to it’s grapefruit parent which is a bummer for the taste and smell dept.

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