Burmese Kush

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Strain Name: Burmese Kush

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Dark green fairly dense buds that have an explosion of tropical orange hairs. What green can been seen is covered in sparkling crystals.  (9/10)

Smell: It smells like kush (unburnt fuel) and fresh berry fruit with a strong after tone of black licorice. The smell is not defined until the buds are broken apart. (9/10)

Taste: Taste like the kush smell mixed with pine trees, fresh earth and a dash of wood. It is kind of a faint taste, not as overpowering as I’m used to from kush strains. (8/10)

Effects: Night time use. Happy… Hungry… Sleepy… Excellent medical strain for pain relief, depression, anti-anxiety, appetite stimulation, focusing, and insomnia. Should be used on a full stomach only to prevent killer munchies. Speaking of which, I have to get my cheese eggs. (9/10)

Potency: Very Strong (9/10)

Reviewed By: Volcanobis

Notes: Wish the taste was more like the delicious smell.

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17 Responses to “Burmese Kush”

  1. mac515south says:

    It’s pretty decent grade.
    Like a weaker Hawaiian Snow

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  2. jokerneckq says:

    THSeeds have earned a stellar reputation for bringing California’s finest genetics to Amsterdam and beyond. This proud tradition continues with their latest offering, Burmese Kush (lovingly referred to as Buku). One of the most resinous strains in Holland at last year’s Cannabis Cup, the Buku is the result of crossing an authentic Burmese Kush with the clone-only O.G. Kush so well known in the Los Angeles area. It’s super “kushy” with the telltale dark green leaves and unique piney flavor inherent in the strongest of Kush-line strains. Anyone who smokes the real deal Kush knows the incredibly euphoric properties of the high. Combine that with the short flowering time and easy to trim profile and you’ll understand why we’re cuckoo for Buku.

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  3. 420veteran619 says:

    In all my years of consuming and cultivating NOTHING compares to platinum og kush. It is absolutely rediculous. A medium yielder of awesome potency with excellent resistance to mold and bugs. I love this girl!

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  4. jokerneckq says:

    Burmese Kush from TH seeds is Dope! 3 words describe it ..KUSH, KUSH, KUSH whooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah Nelly!

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  5. 420veteran619 says:

    Burmese Kush aka Buku sucks. It does have plenty of bag appeal and decent weight but lacks, SEVERLY, where it counts. Little taste and disappointing strength.

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    Axeman Reply:

    If you had a bad experience with TRUE Burmese Kush, (there’s hardly any of the real Mc Coy in the US), it would be extremely surprising. I own a TRUE Burmese Kush strain, not an F1 thru F20 typw strain, but a landrace. It consistently produces over 2lbs/plant, and typically produces around 26% THC by dry weight, and almost NO CBD’s or other “C” related compounds, based on Full Spectrum Labs; printouts. If you want the real deal, contact me for further info. You will NOT be disappointed or no charge.

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    J Stacks Reply:

    hey bud, i am in los angeles and have a dr. rec, prop 215 valid. after researching and reading what’s out there on this strain, i am in love. i have been looking for a strong above-avg yielding kush…i love the easy canopy, fast flowering, and stout look. if you can help me with the TRUE version, like you describe, that would be amazing. Lemme know, thanks.

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    Axeman Reply:

    Yeah man- I have the real deal, pure genetic which I have been back-breeding for years, to select only the finest plants for seed reproduction. I do NOT use clones, that’s naive.

    Just harvested and typical buds were between 10 and 13 Oz.’s each, without the fan leaves. There were a LOT on each plant. The buds must be supported in a certain way as they will ALL break the branches they grow on. Avg. yield/plant is running about 4lbs. Leader bud sizes have exceeded 24 inches long and 8 inches at the base. Potency is higher than ANYTHING me & friends have ever encountered.

    Sorry this took so long to respond to- life got in the way plus I just now got an email comment on my post…..go figure.

    Anyhow, if you want to call me, then send an email first to: g_beisel@comcast.net & we’ll talk.

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    OG420 Reply:

    What exactly is the percentages between sativa and indica?

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  6. 'ouch'myback says:

    oh i am stoned oh yeah!!!! spelled strain stain.lmmfao

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  7. 'ouch'myback says:

    Burmese Kush is a good well balanced stain.

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  8. Bonga says:

    looks abit like cheese.good herbs

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  9. if u wanna sell me some that’d be great haha i love blackberry kush very good

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  10. Niki Fifer says:

    the “Bermise kush” is unique.I have six(6) “kush” strains I’m growing;(the “bermise kush”,the “raspberry kush”,the “frost kush”,the “Master kush”,the “O.G. kush”,and the “blackberry kush) and the “bermise” is one of the “bigger” producing kushes.very good medicine.

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    marijuana man Reply:


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  11. Niki Fifer says:

    this strain does well both indoor and outdoor.I’m trying to cross the Bermise back with the ‘master kush’.does anyone know of this?is it an I.B.L. strain?

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    Axeman Reply:

    If you truly have a landrace strain of Burmese then it would be a VERY BAD idea to back-cross it based on my experience. Simply do NOT do that, as you will dilute the genetics with crap & end up with a large sativa dominant plant which is a bitch to grow, less potent much, much small yielding and a nightmare to trim. Just my 2 cents.

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