Strain Type | Bubble Kush, Indica

Bubble Kush

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Bubble Kush

Strain Name: Bubble Kush

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Bright green with a good amount of crystals, Bright and dark orange hairs through out the whole nugget.

Smell: Very mild sent of earth and tangerine, once you break open the bud you get a faint hint of chlorine.

Taste: The taste is light on the pallet, earthy with a smooth yet some what tart tangerine finish. The taste of tangerine stays on the pallet for several minuets.

Effects: Indica like effects right after the first hit, with every hit you will feel more relaxed and sink deeper in to your couch. Great for Insomnia, Secures, Stiff muscles, Aces, Pain and headaches.

Potency: 1 to 1.5 Hours

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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23 Responses to “Bubble Kush”

  1. Shmeeeewke says:

    Damn you’re all so uptight.. Smoke more and chill

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  2. value says:

    Or even better yet, why don’t we walk!At the moment, the hybrid vehicle is negatively impacting the image of the owner. The third most popular location is in the isolated areas. This is a perfect space for a bathroom renovation because the renovation is visible for everyone to use and appreciate.

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    Stillgolfin64 Reply:


    What the hell are you talking about? Did you lost that on the wrong topic?

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    Lolsauce Reply:

    you fucking idiot

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  3. SourD says:

    trying some tomarrow never tried it but heard its awesome

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  4. Lola says:

    I think what SourDeez meant to say is that you’ve expressed nrumeous times your personal favorite strain is Kush, which is mostly indica dominant, of course there are some Sativa kush’s out there.. I think your Anti-Grape stance is because you’re from the Bay Area and it’s everywhere. And mostly everyone in the bay loves purp, so I can see how you could become sick of in orange county, so purp/kush/sour/doesnt matter its all good, and we arn’t stuck on purp like the Yay Area

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  5. Aaron says:

    Whats up purple lveeas mean cold temps in your grow box and for the sour diesel just see if the trichomes are amber and than they would be ready to harvest

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  6. Mr. Hickey says:

    This is some fine bud. Just got a quarter for only 100!!

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  7. Princess Laya says:

    yeah i will

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  8. stoned4life says:

    ahh high for at least 2 1/2 hours(taste was amazing)smoking 2 bowls of this.a quarter was FATTT lasted me 5 days wich usually would be gone in 2-3 worth the cash!

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  9. Smitty says:

    I LOVE this stuff. Got a half zip, nice sticky buds, nice relaxed high. Smoked a few small bowls out of the bong, popped in a movie, and I was good for the next 2 hours.

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  10. Princess Laya says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on your bubble kush/I like bubba kush the best…hahahahahaha!

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  11. Princess Laya says:

    Luke…Luke…I’m on the bubble!

    My bubble is spinning…help!
    Awesome stuff! Doesn’t take much Darth.
    I was spinnin on my bubble last night!
    I’m feeling inspired…maybe ill write a song about it!

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    Darth Vapor Reply:

    cool….lets hear it sister

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  12. Darth Vapor says:

    Not Bubba son…it”s Bubble…developed by a dutch grower in the late 90″s and named because of its bubble shape… as in round….you a fuckin bubble..not square like bubba”s head

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  13. Darth Vapor says:

    The spins…lets see… that any thing like the runs…or the hives….i”m a little confused here..sounds like you need to toke some exlax….

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  14. Darth Vapor says:

    the bed was spinning?…cream puff.

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  15. Darth Vapor says:

    Bubble Kush in a Budah vaporizer is something everyone that is so inclined should try. Oh my God the taste is superdeduper….I mean “Luke….I”m your father”…..

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  16. Legalsmoker says:

    Bubble Kush is Bubba Kush X Bubble Gum and its great. I’m blowin some right now!

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  17. Richard Steinbeck says:

    Tried this last night and it very well deserves it’s grade A rating. It smelled and had a unique sweet flavour. I was instantly relaxed right after the first hit. I highly recommend this for pain relief or insomnia. I also recommend making a cup of fresh green tea to inhance flavour and effect! :-)

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  18. awesome! everyone LUHS kush. bubble kush looks fab to inhale.

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    thedevilslettuce Reply:

    it looks? get some and then comment bleedin idiot!

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    taylor Reply:

    LOOK BITCH!!!! bledin? wow. you sound like the IDIOT saying that. ya fuckinn tardd! and yes,,, it does LOOK FAB to inhale! dipshit! and ive tried it and its FUCKING awesomee!!!

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