Strain Type | Blueberry, Indica


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Strain Name: Blueberry

Grade: A/Private caregiver

Type: Indica

Looks: Large dense bright green nuggets with bright orange hairs; very dusty!

Smell: Remember Frankberry and Count Chocula? BOOBERRY all the way.

Taste: Just as good as it smells from start to finish.

Effects: Nice mellowing effect both cerebrally and physically; warning for rookies!

Potency: Strong, lasted about 2 hours on 1/2 a load from a Launch Box.

Reviewed by: C Unit

Good Strain For: Relaxing, ADHD, insomnia.



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6 Responses to “Blueberry”

  1. Steve Smokes alot says:

    I have this strain right now and trust me its a very fruity smell, and has that “blue” taste too it. experienced smokers know what i mean. You can miss this strain its so obvious in looks,smell, and potency.I give this strain an A

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  2. buddah head says:

    How can I buy me some ov that shit?

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  3. chris says:

    perfect for getting stoned with friends and chillin out with music. loved it

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  4. C Unit says:

    Sounds tasty; try DJ Short’s Blueberry

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  5. slicksweetwilly says:

    I have Blueberry X New York Deisel 1st Gen x
    Very Nice!!

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  6. C Unit says:

    Oh yeah, pics taken with my phone and its digital zoom!

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