Strain Type | Blue Thunder, Indica

Blue Thunder

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Blue Thunder

Strain Name: Blue Thunder

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: This bud is dense and full of orange hairs with a nice coat of crystals

Smell: Very light till you break it open the smell of burnt tires and wild flowers where the most per-dominant smells

Taste: The taste reminds me of pin nuts, I also tasted a sweetness that I cant describe

Effects: Indica starts you up with a light body buzz and a very relaxed feeling, after a few more hits you start to feel more energetic and focused, I found it hard to just sit and relax.

Potency: 1 to 1.5

Area: MI

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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2 Responses to “Blue Thunder”

  1. medigrower says:

    I’ve grown over 75 different strains n blue thunder made it to my top ten. Dense buds great taste love this strain very resistant to pests n diseases as well

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    tip Reply:

    Medigrower wea du u reside need sum pointers in growing

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