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Blue Moon Rocks

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Strain Name: “Blue Moon Rock’s”

By: ‘Bushy old Grower’ somewhere in the hills in Montana this guy has been crafting his genetics for decades-he has crossed a few Indica’s to come up with this strain

Grade: B+ Michigan medical Marijuana “P.S.420”

Type: Indica hybrid-but it looks like there is a bit of Sativa in the mix to me

Looks: avg frosty average crystallization avg. bud formation small buds-nothing spectacular-pretty though

Smell: faint sweet floral not too berry very delicate bouquet -fruit blossoms mmmmmmmmm very nice when ground up

Taste: flowers-sweet blackberry blossoms-very yummy smooth extra smooth has avg expansion with nice taste at end-very nice taste-redeeming quality

Effects: i found this one not too resinous -vapor/smokecloud was avg and onset was avg not too creeper but if you ingest ENOUGH you will be very pleasantly stoned 2+ hrs -lacks legs/back end- indica buzz not too stoned functional happy up body high-a very avg medicine

6-7/10 wish it was more potent and lasted longer

Reviewed by:

Good Strain For: all day medication pain and mood elevation almost bordering on a Sativa type of effect-good all around workhorse for common situations

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    wish i had some

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