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Blue Dreams

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Blue Dreams

Strain Name: Blue Dreams

Grade: B+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Popcorn like buds with a mild tinge of blue with a light blue haze through out, some good light orange hairs through out.

Smell: Has a light tropical fruit smell, with an underline tone mold.

Taste: Nothing like I had hoped from the smell, this bud has a very heavy taste of Burnt leaves and a mild nutmeg taste to finish.

Effects: Starts off with sativa like effects you become very focused and calm, after a few more hits though you can start to feel the indica effects, with in an hour you are very relaxed. great to relax and to unwind a the end of the day.

Potency: 1 to 1.5 hours

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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31 Responses to “Blue Dreams”

  1. Rebelgrrrl says:

    I hate to say it but you guys got a horrible batch of blue dream is this a strain review or a dispensary strain review? I’m smoking in some $35 a 1/4 blue dream and it’s really fluffy, bright green almost neon with bright orange hairs.
    It smells of fresh sweet blueberry with a hint if spice and it tastes the same.
    I don’t think ill trust this site in the future

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  2. B says:

    Blue Dream doesn’t have purple like that. Either the camera is troubled with image color quality problems, or it’s something like Purple Kush.

    Blue dream is slightly blue in color, tint. overall it’s more like the Silver Haze, in that it’s well…hazy.

    The fan leaves shouldn’t be all purple like in the picture. That may be Purple Kush.

    ..back to blue dreamin’.. :)

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  3. sourdiesel says:

    Love smoking blue dream on a sunny afternoon after work/class just make you feel so peacefull..

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  4. henry says:

    Right now ihave sum bye dreams n can’t wait to smoke it. It have a lot of crystals n hairs

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  5. Yolandaskosmos says:

    My blue dreams look different. Althou I had a calming acre t and a motivation to clean then I beta to wind down with a st ky, health strain that well end up hanging out with your family withur family..relaxed and able to. Ommuni ate back. yo

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  6. Michael says:

    i agree with all the other comments when it comes to this review…i dont grow but do my share of smoking n ive had many diff strains blue dream bein one of em n it def doesnt look like that or have the smell that hes describing cuz mine had a nice blueberry smell like it should…the buds wasnt popcorn shaped n it didnt smell or taste like burnt leaves neither lol…blue dream is actually one of my favs…n if u ask me no matter what that is in the pic he sucks at trimming

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  7. defrost says:

    I agree with Geez above totally, and Danny your wrong buddy on its colors, Ive been growing Blue Dream for 2 yrs now, at 1st it didnt turn blueish on my 1st grow being i thought it was a 8 weeker, when i took it to 9 weeks the blue starts at the end to kick in, so Kevin also in post knows what im talking about. I got my clones from cali from a BD breeder. I’ve been keeping B.D. mommas alive as it is a definite favorite. Now time for Acapulco!

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  8. lovekimkardasianandsourog says:

    Yeah that’s most def not blue dream I had blue dream before from my guy and it smells fruity and tastes sweet dnt no about no burnt leaves or nutmeg…I remember I put some blue dream in a blueberry rollo is tasted so so good and had me feeling like I was dreaming…that must be some old purple kush or sumthen and the blue dream I had was not blue nor purple

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  9. Cannabis4life says:

    Please do not judge the picture above whether it’s Blue Dream or not merely by its color, I agree the pigment doesn’t look like blue dream at all but its pigment might be the result of the time of day the picture was taken. If the picture was taken in early morning the outcome would be somewhat bluish; if it was taken in late afternoon it would be somewhat reddish. If the picture was taken under fluorescence light, it would be somewhat greenish, etc.

    I agree with the review, except that I would rate it B -. I live in northern California and have been smoking 420 for over 35 years, and I could honestly say that I smoked over a pound of this strain, some grown by myself , and many from an over a dozens different dealers. It has its own merits but overall an average Cannabis

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  10. arekay34 says:

    man, you guys are like pistol whippin’ a blind kid (tropic thunder). ok, the dude was/is wrong. 3/4 of the comments are true, but for fuks sake. how bout rippin’ some blue dream you have an chill out.
    anyway, thanks for all the information on the misinformation fellows.

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  11. lo,,l says:

    lokl mane you fucked up this bud is probly moldy thats where the nutmegs tast is and burnt campfire leves are from not curing flcushing

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  12. gaddaddy420 says:

    THESE ARE NOT BLUE DREAM BUDS MAN!!! i have a bag of it on the way AND i just finished one yesterday. It looks nothing like this!!! and the taste was beautiful! deffinitely didnt taste like burnt leaves thats for sure. but the blue dream i am familiar with ar actually BLUE BUDS!!! BLUE, not PURPLE!!! and the high is nice. im not very good at using descriptive words so i cant keep going on that. but this is very bad information ya’ll!!!

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  13. Ray says:

    I just got some blue dream and its great tasting and mild to smoke and great high and helps my pain,its the most sought after weed here.I’m lucky to have good friends.

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  14. CJ Parker says:

    Despite it’s name, blue dream doesn’t actually look blue at all. There’s really nothing too distinguishing about it but once you smoke it you know if it’s blue dream or not. I’ve gotten it from many clubs because it’s one of my favorites and I travel a lot between southern cali and northern cali and blue dream is always consistent in looks and flavor and the blue dream in this review is not the type I get. It’s extremely potent, one of the most potent strains I’ve ever had, it tastes fresh and it’s a very strong sativa high, about 90% sativa, 10% indica. One thing I’ve noticed about blue dream, no matter where I get it, is that it crumbles very easily, it’s almost like popcorn in your hands, even if it’s fresh. I’m always happy I got blue dream, not just for it’s high but for how easy it is to break up quickly for a joint or bowl pack.

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  15. Zach says:

    I have some blue dream right hear, It is the best herb I have smoked in my life! This is a bad review

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    frank 420 Reply:

    i diss agree the best breed is duct foot a small yealding real sweet stoney pot it a common plant here in canada it turns a nice blue fluffy buds

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  16. Toker 619 says:

    First of all, I am not hating on anyone who has been so misinformed as to actually believe that the nugs in the above photos are Blue Dream. The Blue Dream I just had 15 minutes ago looked absolutely nothing like this stuff.

    Blue Dream is a wonderful AM smoke, very sativa dominant with a beautifully relaing come down. The THC content is obviously in the high range. I would guess that the bud I have here would be close to 20%. Paid $70 for a really phat quarter. The aroma would make someone who usually smokes regs pass out! The high reminds me verey much of the Platinum OG I had about 6 months ago which was rated as 22% THC. This bud has an extremely uplifting/creative vibe. The stone lasts for hours. If this review is contrary to what your Blue Dream experience has been, you’ve been duped by your street dealer.

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  17. tristan says:

    I agree ive got my green card and have baught blue dream many a times and this is deffin. Not blue dream i love the taste and how dense the buds are deffin.a top strain

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  18. CrimzonBld says:

    Danny is right to because that isnt the pic i mean i have some real blue dream i have the label and all i can upload a photo of real blue dream if you guys would like

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  19. CrimzonBld says:

    I just got a half of this blue dream and it looks beautiful i mean just marvelous the way it looks and smells its definetly a great smoke.

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  20. Kevin says:

    I am fan of Blue Dream, been growing it for awhile now, I dont know about you guys, but I set my AC unit at 66degrees and my Blue Dream turns LIGHT BLUE from a slight purplish hue it gets from the cold temperature, I acquired my strain thru the breeder, there are plenty of factors which will make bud seem as if its not what it says, all depends on grower!

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  21. krak says:

    Mold smell and leafy taiste? like said before not blue dream, and if your buds smell like mold, get rid of that shit!

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  22. danny says:

    Blue Dream should not be blue or purple…the blue part of the name blue dream refers to the blueberry cross with haze.So from there you should be able to smell a very decent blueberry smell(or some refer to it as a “fruity smell”)….NOT MOLD.everybodys discription on marijuana is goin to be different due to many factors-improper curing wich traps starches and sugars in the flowers.there are TONS of other factors.that stuff on the top is MOST DEFINATELY NOT blue dream.there was def. a mix up or a grower who lies or exaggerates his strains for marketing purposes.please dont bash ppl this is what this site is for…to educate.I do agree that you need to educate yourself and do more research before you make a review.Peace Love and Music~~~

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  23. chad f says:

    i must agree with all the reviews..pic and discription must be of somthing else..i also have grown b.d. for years. i luv it, i know it. if said pic and dicription are true to site owners opinion.. than the site owner doesnt know anything ..but html…and if its a mix up ..maybe hes not so good at html owner ..your no good at html and you suck at strain reviewing get another job that doesnt involve you infront of the computer..sorry man …facts are facts..

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  24. NOPE says:


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  25. DOH! says:


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    NOPE Reply:

    hahahahahah no way dude not even close blue dream is a phenomenon its huge in cali and lots of people would laugh at that shit here, this shit comes up high in a google search, so yall just ingore this shit, go to another bud review site trust us

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  26. greenthumb says:

    I’ve grown Blue Dream for years. The picture looks nothing like the Blue Dream that I know, which came from Norther Cal. The description of the high and taste is also not at all consistent with my experience. A well grown and cured Blue Dream is an absolutely electrifying sativa high. The buds are huge and I have never seen them have a purple coloring, neither the strain I grow nor any other I have seen. And there is no way I would smoke this to unwind. The high can last for hours and as I said, is psychoactive in the extreme. What you are reviewing here, in my opinion, is not Blue Dream.

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  27. Gee Menezez says:

    This review does not fit a well grown blue dream strain, neither does the picture look anywhere near what the average blue dream buds i have seen look like. i think who ever tired this bud was misinformed what it really is, the blue dream does not have a heavy leafy taste to it at all, you might have been smoking the trimming from the batch OR you might have gotten a hold of this bud after it dried too much, either way i strongly disagree with smell and taste information offered here, because i would give you a 100% different review and i have smoked over a pound of blue dream which i seen harvested in front of me and even helped trim a bit of. Please do a bit more research on your reviews, you’ll be surprised how many times you have a bud that isn’t what your dealer told you it is. anyways Good Luck on your next reviews.

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    IneedaconnectfromUSA( Reply:

    yeah man, hit me up maybe we can work something out i would like to learn how to grow this .

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