Blue Dream

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Strain Name: Blue Dream

Genetics: D.J. Short’s Blueberry x Santa Cruz Haze

Source: Boulder M.M.C.

Price: $20 / gram

Grade: A++

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Looks: Needless to say at least in the looks department this Blue Dream Pheno retained much of the colorful beauty of D.J. Short’s original Blueberry. Blue colors range from sky blue to indigo blue to dark midnight blue, just extraordinary. The greens mixed in are also very vivid and bright orange-rust pistols abound. Another amazing aspect to this medicine is the amount and size of the trichomes, dude, you can’t even move this bud without leaving a pile of blue tinged Kief. This is one of those batches where you wonder if there would be room for even one more trichome, freaking ridiculous forests of purple- blue, and giant wizard globe crystals of medicine totally encrust the flowers head to toe!! That’s just sick kids, sick I say! Even the stems are a beautiful light blue,,,go ahead, you can gnaw on these stems; this is pure organic goodness.10/10

Smell: Very complex and potent. Definitely smell the sweet-tart intensity of the Blueberry mixed with earthy, musky- skunk depth as well. A good size Jar of this medicine, when opened, will not only stink up the general vicinity but most surrounding vicinities as well!!! WOW I applaude the maker of these flowers, freakin’ beauty product mang,,,totally legite. The bottom end aroma of this smoke, which shows up in a lot of the Blue Dream I’ve scored in these parts, is one of an incensey type of sandalwood that softly mixes in with the overall musk of this connoisseur offering. 10/10

Taste: Wow these Hazes and Haze mixes these days!!! The Cantaloupe Haze taste jus’ like cantaloupes, the Tangerine Haze taste jus’ like Tangerines, the Snozberry Haze tastes just like Snoz berries etc,etc,etc! This hybrid taste jus’ downright BLUE to me and very sweet like the best candy Willy Wonka ever made. I start drooling jus’ thinking about it, I gotta have another bowl,,NOW!!! Ahhhhh,,,jus’ like Grammy’s blueberry pie,,,yummy. I’m thinking Blue Dream Jelly might be an awesome addition to my sourdough toast.

Effects: OK this medicine is extreme. I smoked a big bowl of Blue Dream with some old friends at a party, and everything was cool for about five minutes then the head sweats hit along with tsunami size body and head rushes that were so overpowering that I started talking complete gibberish like a deranged raccoon. Just couldn’t seem to put my thoughts together with my speech anymore. My vision was strangely tunnel-like and I was beginning to float up off the ground (in my mind anyway). At this point I politely excused myself and retired to the firepit area to chill out abit. I have been smoking herb for well over thirty years, and have a lot of experience with different effects as well as a good tolerance, but this was just intense. After about thirty minutes of this savage head buffeting, it seemed to mellow right into a very euphoric uppy, and quite social phase at which time I slipped back into the crowd and profusely enjoyed myself for the remainder of the hoe down! Blue Dream relaxes all the muscles and any pains just fade away along with the odd floating sensations that are quite pronounced. It’s kinda like doin a spacewalk in zero grativity,,,you know “Ground control to Major Tom” type stuff. I think it just hits so hard and fast that it catches a lot of folks unawares. I became overwhelmed by billions of brilliant thoughts and ideas coursing through me all at once. Very creative and lots of fun overall. Maybe not the best medicine to start off the newbies with though. 10/10

Potency: Full- blown FIRE, need I say more? 10/10

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: Great Indica effects for pain relief, muscle relaxation, anxiety. Great Sativa effects for depression, energy boosting, creativity. Great hybrid effects for euphoria, spaciness, and Oompa- Loompa Syndrome in general! I must say for the overall package this is some of the best medicine this freak has ever consumed. Oompa, Loompa, doompity do, we’ve got some special Blue Dream for you!

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17 Responses to “Blue Dream”

  1. dazed420 says:

    Man I live in mass any time I’ve gotten it was a big letdown I dont think what I got was actually blue dream cuz I know what good weed is and the stuff in any dispensery I see ass blue dream looks chronic!!! Wish we got better weed out here :/

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  2. Weekend Smoker says:

    Best strain around. When I would sit around in the field and take bong rips, this would hit me hard. I would recommend day time use because this gives you a great rush of creativeness and drive. This is the strongest by far, so people who haven’t smoked a lot in their life should start out with small amounts.

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  3. Melody says:

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  4. GingerGenetics says:

    I’ve encountered a few different phenotypes of blue dream. This particular BLUE dream is absolutely amazing. I’ve also come across another with a lighter blue hue that is lovely too. It doesn’t matter which phenotype it is for me…Sativa dom or Indica dom. Just use the Sativa dom for day time smoke, and get cozy with the Indica dom at night. That’s what I do.

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  5. Leather Shoulder Bags says:

    Fantastic items from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re simply too magnificent. I really like what you have obtained here, really like what you are stating and the way through which you say it. You’re making it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible. I can’t wait to learn much more from you. That is really a terrific web site.

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  6. mark says:

    I’ve smoked blue dream b4 and it looked exactly like yours. I can honestly say that next to all the haze’s i’ve smoked this is the closest to the same taste and high. If anyone knows where to cop in NJ let me know.

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  7. Smoker says:

    Looks amazing ive had blue dream b4 but didnt look like this!

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  8. says:

    If you vape a tiny bit of this stuff, it will take you by surprise as review says, but it’s much more intense, and I have been vaping various hybrids, but Blue Dream tops it thanks to the Haze presence, The blueberry in the hybrid kicks in after awhile and relaxs you and eliminates the anxiety you may feel if you have a little bit too much or concentrated doses. I say this medicine is the most bang for your buck, a little bit goes a long way, intense high, long lasting effect, and you still have weight, this is the perfect sativa dominant hybrid to own if you want to save money on the herb.

    I went through mmj bags of purple strains frosty indica dominant purps, but this just tops it in long lasting effect and conservation, plus it’s most strongest when vaping. I must admit the lethargy seems to be semi gone due to Haze, however if you do enough of this stuff lethargy may become present.

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  9. cowboy ozzie says:

    yeah really good of all the strains we grew last year this was my favorite

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  10. Master chief says:

    Nice. We finally got medicinal legal here in Arizona and I picked up some blue dream the other day, same high experience. I actually had to leave and lay down

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  11. Awsome-bill-from-dawsonville says:

    Yeah u must have got the indica phenotype . I had a bunch of this a bit ago. Was pretty exotic looks smell wise but the potency was lacking a bit . But that was the sativa pheno i had . It tasted like haze when burnt. But on the otherhand I had dispensery blue dream Ginger snap cookies that where way to strong. People were flipping out from half or qtr cookie. I ate 1.5 and the paranoia was ridiculous ! Had to take a Xanax and a bath with all the doors locked and the house alarm on!

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  12. gadjet305 says:

    Ever tried the Blue Dream the Greenest Green? Its dank and right next door.

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  13. wiz says:

    Best looking blue dream I’ve ever seen!!! I’ve had blue dream 10+ times and it never looked this good. Props +1

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  14. Gee Menezez says:

    i think people who have a higher tolerance like myself would give a completely in-exaggerated review on this.

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    Stephen Clark Reply:

    I’ve tried several Blue Dream samples from our area and this particular one is just so much stronger and more intense than all the others put together!Sometimes there are just those special batches that hit you jus’ right!But you may very well be right about the tolerance issue couldn”t really say.

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    tox Reply:

    I think you are smoking alot of OG type indicas an not considering the fact that bluedream is a sativa dom strain. that would be 2 difference types of highs,, as far a quality sativa dom this stuff is topnotch

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    joe Reply:

    agreed there is no point reviewing a strain if you have no tolerance as all bud has that effect if you have not smoked in ages or cant handle your chronic.

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