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Blue Dream

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Blue Dream

Strain Name: Blue Dream

Genetics: Blueberry x Haze

Grade: A

Type: 50/50 Hybrid

Looks: A) Very nice light green with a myriad of orange hairs. Tri-Crohmes very visible to naked eye on first glance.

Smell: A+) A very fragrant sweet smell awaits you with a small pinch and inhale.

Taste: A+) Again; A very distinct taste. Depending on method of ingestion (I used a spoon pipe then ATTEMPTED to smoke a blunt), it can be a little harsh. A nice subtle fruit taste on the initial burn. The exhale, I dare to say, taste much better!

Effects: A) If taken in correct dosage(it’s different for everyone), this is a very Euphoric and very Creative high. You CAN get “Couch Lock” if you go after the blunt or bong rip. I have a moderate tolerance, smoking 3 times a day in small amounts; so the “Very High Tolerance” folk out there may need a bit more.

Potency: A+) You will feel effects 90-120 seconds after exhale(Almost instantaneous). A nice 2-3 hour high.

Reviewed by: Alexander Young

Good Strain For: This is a GREAT strain for Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Any form of Depression, and if you choose to rip the hell out of this strain, your insomnia is gone. lol

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8 Responses to “Blue Dream”

  1. DocBrown says:

    GerRif – sounds like the affects of early harvested MMJ that does buddy

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  2. GerRiff says:

    This is the only strain that Ive smoked that gives me a headache, extreme paranoia and anxiety.

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  3. 4tran4 says:

    On my third hit, Feeling just as described. Nice Initial flavor, but it burns fast, Use a small bowl. It also works on my sleep apnea, wich not many strains do.

    One of those rare strains that keeps you high aaaaaaall night, Love that, and its a nice strain to share with a pretty girl too…

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  4. ryan says:

    that blue dream looks nasty…. the blue dream i get looks like super lemon haze.. i guess cuz they are both hazes… But the crap u have looks nasty

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    stoned4life Reply: looks bad as f*** the dream i get looks like green crack though with orange hairs and nice green color

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  5. seasonedtoker43 says:

    Awesome taste, definitely a little harsh in a blunt though. The high is pretty nice as well..

    Gonna go try out of a bong now..

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  6. Master Colin says:

    My absolute favorite strain of all time!Had some yesterday on my lunch break and I daresay having that much fun at work should be a crime. A mix between two classic strains. Thanks for the review Alex.

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    Alexander Young Reply:

    After three months of this strain, I agree. This has become my favorite daytime strain.

    Alexander Young

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