Blue Cheese

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Strain Name: Blue Cheese

Genetics: Blueberry x Buddha Cheese

Grade: A-

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green buds with a slight tint of a bluish hue. The crystallization is complete with few hairs on the bud at all, all nuggage.

Smell: The smell is not like bleu cheese, but rather the most wonderful combination of the parents which I have had the pleasure of trying both. The fruitiness of the blueberry really penetrates through the musky skunk of the cheese but not without bringing along some of it’s skunky attributes.

Taste: The taste is similar to smell but without the skunk taste. Just pure berries from the beginning of the bowl to the ash.

Effects: The effects are very intense. The effect is like a melting of the body, it’s not that you don’t want to get off the couch it’s that you’re limbs just won’t respond. It mellows out to a more sativa head-buzz after the first few moments though.

Potency: The potency as described above, are extreme in the beginning but mellow out to a decent head buzz that allows you to concentrate on even the most tedious tasks, I was able to do some serious programming after some good fat bong rips.

Reviewed by: ILikeKush

Good Strain For: Chronic Pain, Spasms, Chron’s Disease, Cancer, Joint Pain

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7 Responses to “Blue Cheese”

  1. lovemari says:

    Second week of having this stuff very good, no complaints. Gotta love that “Blue Cheese”

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  2. brett says:

    The blue cheese I have makes that picture look like shwagg. Gotta love Washington weed

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  3. HM says:

    Yeah mine looks exactly like that and the taste is right. Fire bud from up north bay area good looking.

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  4. Bob Barnes says:

    I’ve had blue cheese twice and each time was very satisfying. Heavy buds, earthy cheesey taste with a berry taste on exhale. Immediate and lasting effects. One of my favorites

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  5. I got some of this stuff right now in a fat glass bowl, it’s definitely good stuff.
    tastes magnificent!

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    Benji DirtySnake Greenlee Reply:

    mine looks like this and I have just found a seed!

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  6. Volcanobis says:

    The barneys farm version is the indica version of blue cheese. Barneys farm is a cross of Big Buddha Cheese X Blueberry.

    Which blue cheese do you have?

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