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Blackberry Kush

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Strain Name: Blackberry Kush

Genetics: Unknown: Possibly Blackberry x Bubba Kush (Blackberry = the black x Afghani Landrace) (The Black = Afghani Landrace x Nepalese Landrace/Hawaiian. I have also heard people say it is D J Short’s Blueberry x Bubba Kush???

Source: Colorado MMJ

Price: $18/gram $55 1/8ths

Grade: A

Type: Indica- Dominant Hybrid (80% Indica 20% Sativa)

Looks: Gorgeous Indica flowers truly worthy to adorn the shrines of Shiva! Rock hard smaller nugs with typical super-dense Indica structure. The big jar at the dispensary looked very dark,dusky purple with a lighter purple colored dusting of crystals. These flowers didn’t display any noticeable Sativa traits and really reminded me of some nice Bubbas I have had before accept much darker. Looking at a single bud with the ol’ eyeball they do appear a lot lighter in color than they do in a jar altogether. I have seldom seen a better harvest and cure than these flowers were given, close to perfect. The colors on this strain are fantastic up close and I would say this pheno really leans towards its Afghani Landrace heritage. 10/10

Smell: Straight up heavy Kush aroma. Thick woody incense smell that is very heady and smooth-sweet. The aroma is not too pungent but really distinctly kushy and tends to smell up all around it like aromatherapy essential sandalwood oil. You do get a quick whiff of a dark berry ambience here and there but is overwhelmed by the hashy Indica thing very quickly. I love that smell almost more than anything except good Green Crack maybe…10/10

Taste: Thick oily smoke seems to curl around my head like a snake and reminds me of days spent smoking in tea houses in Morocco… oh yeah I’m writing a review in my front room in Colorado,,,yes this medicine is very effective. Anyway,,, this herb tastes a lot like it smells, very exotic. It has a distinct woody flavor all the while very deep and earthy. Personally I could not taste too much of a berry taste at all, maybe it’s called Blackberry because the little nugs really do resemble blackberries or maybe it was just this particular cut? It finishes with an almost incense or opium, definitely hashy, flavor that coats the mouth and lips from the thick, oily viscosity of the smoke. No doubt a lot of landrace Indica involved in the genetics, a very fine specimen of a heavy Indica Kush. 10/10

Effects: This medicine really takes a relatively small amount to induce the desired results. Whewwww,,, heavy,,, smoke too much and you may be asleep in a very short period of time. I smoked about a quarter or third of a gram and immediately my head began to feel very heavy. I had the distinct impression that my head was too heavy for my neck to support, and it was wobbling side to side and might fall off and roll across the floor…by the time I had thought this the numbness had pretty much spread throughout my whole body and I had the peculiar feeling that all my body was pulsing slightly,,,sorta pulsing.. and breathing.. and becoming one with chair I sat in. My eyes were at half mast; I didn’t really care and kept disappearing into the most elaborate scenarios in my head. All this was very euphoric and not a muscle in my body was uncomfortable, if not completely numb. I think about an hour of this passed and I just sort floated over to the couch and just drifted effortlessly into dreams. This was all late at night and I have not tried this medicine in the daylight hours yet, so it might be quite different under the rays of the sun, but at anytime you have any stress or pain I would definitely recommend the Blackberry Kush. 9/10

Potency: Very strong, immediate Indica-narcotic effect. I really couldn’t say how long it lasts yet, as I fell asleep after probably 1 hour and 45 minutes I would say. If strong Indicas are “your thing” I’m sure this one would not let you down in the potency area. 10/10

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: Pain, insomnia, extreme muscle relaxation, might be a bit too much for some patients with anxiety, as it comes on very swiftly and is abit overwhelming. 9/10 for medicinal qualities. Overall this Kush has impressed me very much, coming in a close second only to some Power Kush I puffed recently.

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17 Responses to “Blackberry Kush”

  1. g unit says:

    Shit…when u grow this bubonic you pay 0$ a gram

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  2. TB-303 says:

    Dense nuggets with a slight purple tinge to parts of the bud, exactly like the picture above. Smelled like a fruity skunk/cheese smell. Burned real easy as it was cured well. $8 a gram in Seattle. Good mellow head buzz. Nothing debilitating but a very mellow high. I give it a 7.5/10

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  3. tripplesix collective says:

    Shit,folks I got ya all beat here in weed central in vt. I’m lettin it go for 50 a quarter.

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    tripplesix collective Reply:

    Oh and all you vermonters out there paying attention to the govenor’s race. FOR CHRIST SAKE DON’T VOTE FOR BROCK!! Brock said its a crime that he would not stand for at all. VOTE SHUMLIN HE IS ON OUR SIDE !! Atleast he’s tryed it before!!

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  4. Mob kush says:

    Got 8th for 30 in cali. Yee

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  5. Lalalalala says:

    One of the best i’ve smoked so far. I have anxiety and it actually helps me with it. But, it’s good.

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  6. sweet says:

    fuck, wish i was in america, we pay $25 aus here in australia. Got a half ounce of this for 180.

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  7. jdub says:

    i agree with rippedoff! this shit goes for 20 a gram in michigan!

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  8. BigBudAl says:

    Great Smoke but $18 a gram in Colo. I can’t believe they charge that much.
    How is the average person suppose to afford that?
    I live in Vancouver and I have the same pot delivered to me for $5.50 a gram.
    It’s not a perfect system in Canada but a least it is a National program so you are covered wherever you are in Canada.

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    rippedoff Reply:

    wow! i pay easy $20 per gram for anything here in CT! I need to move to VC!

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  9. ANTMAN420 says:

    Got some Blackberry Kush right here in Indiana yesterday! Awesome high and smells/tastes terrific! looks like it snowed on my tray lol. awesome

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  10. shmellan says:

    Picked up a Blackberry batch here in the LA area just yesterday, never had this type of Blackberry.. I’ve had skunkier Blackberry, but this one was different. Very heavy sweet smell, crazy head high. 10 out of 10

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  11. Gina says:

    tasty and delicious!

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  12. wallah says:

    Def. A beautiful strain, had got this once was a memorable high, prob wouldn’t put this in my top 5 but def. Something worth samplinng

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  13. Quinn805cali says:

    Lineage: Afghani Mother x DJ Shorts Blue Berry

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    J-DAWG Reply:

    that’s absolutely correct this is a blackberry kush using DJ short’s blueberyy with an afghani mother but this is actually a blackberry backcross called Black Diamond Kush it’s a rare phenotype but one of my all time favorite strains in the world

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  14. thedevilslettuce says:

    really good stuff,one of my top 5 favs to be sure.

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