Strain Type | Black Widow, Sativa

Black Widow

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Black Widow

Strain Name: Black Widow

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: This bud is Dark green with pale green and white hairs through out, it also is very dense

Smell: Smells of passion fruit and kiwi, with and undertone of skunk

Taste: Much to my surprise this bud tasted like it smelled, very fruity, very smooth and has a finish like no other I could taste a blend of citrus rinds for several minutes after every puff.

Effects: Very sativa like effects very energetic as well as a nice body buzz and I was very clear with no headaches

Potency: 1.5 to 2

Area: MI

Reviewed by: Antimatter

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2 Responses to “Black Widow”

  1. davy says:

    yo that anit black widow and black widow had be stoned like a roller cost filling

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  2. stryker2100 says:

    Sativa doesn’t give everyone the clear head feeling. I always thought this was an Indica strain because it gave me the same feeling Antimatter wrote about but only Indica gives me that. Sativa fogs my mind and I’m not useful for anything after that. The citrus taste matters on who/and how is curing it, not a natural affect of the plant itself. but the smoke is very smooth, and it’s a great high, gets the creative juices flowing and you want to go out and tackle the world.

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