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Black Dragon

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Black Dragon

Strain Name: Black Dragon

Grade: A

Type:100% Indica

Looks:mainly dark purple leaves; as well as lime green and orange hairs

Smell: a very sweet/strong “grapie” scent

Taste: same as smell. more of a sweet flavor w/a “grapie” after taste. One of the best tasting buds for me. due to good harvest.

Effects: Nice relaxing and long lasting effect. “Body high”. GREAT for ANY kind of pain, or discomfort

Potency: A high 9 out f 10.

Reviewed by: D_I_L

Good Strain For:sleeping/insomnia, relief of pain, and lighting you mood.



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3 Responses to “Black Dragon”

  1. Niko says:

    were i can by seeds for this?! :o

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  2. dude says:

    im having only bad trips with that…wtf?
    And neck hurts.. :(

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  3. KUSHsMOka says:

    omg that shit rite there i need bout 2ps halla

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