Big Bud

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Big Bud

Strain Name: Big Bud

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Very big, light green, fairly frosty buds, with very fine light orange frosted hairs.

Smell: This bud is really dank smelling, almost musty; it also has some sweet undertones, and occasionally a bit of sour wafts by.

Taste: Sweet with a strong flavor of grapes.

Effects: Fairly mellow onset, not a very strong buzz with regards to ‘feeling it hit you.’ It does, though, seem to be an effective bud. The up-side of this bud, is that it alleviates my symptoms considerably. The down-side is that the high is a bit forgetful and distracted. While this is only a bit couch-lock-ish, I don’t know if I would use this as a daytime smoke, due to the mental state of the high. Tactile sensations do seem to be increased.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5 – 2 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Reviewed By: In The Blue

Notes: This was a fairly well rounded buzz medically. It helps considerably with my stomach pains and nausea; and if smoked it makes for a pretty good sedative at night as well.

Big BudBig Bud

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9 Responses to “Big Bud”

  1. cris says:

    fouk you bastard!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Ryan says:

    made oil for 1 batch of brownies with this using roughly a quarter of shake and they came out AMAZINGLY STRONG 4hr+. Reviewed by High tolerance smoker, multiple times daily.

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  3. Smith says:

    As I know –
    Big Bud – Indoor. F 50-65days, H 110-150cm, Y 150+gr.

    A very popular variety. Ideal for professional cash croppers, slightly unstable, but expect maximum potency and yield. Explosive flowering and extremely resinous with a strong, heady high. Due to the excessive weight of the buds, it is advisable to tie up the bottom branches as they have a tendency to break due to their excessive weight!

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  4. drd8nk says:

    okay…..the “Big bud”crossed with the “Trainwreck” makes the “Big Wreck”.has any one else grown or dealt with this strain before?this is my fourth year growing it and i’m having problems with the yeild.does either one of these strains have small yeilds?I’ve got one now in flowering that is a little bushy,but that is from me “prunning” it more than any others.I almost got rid of it just for the simple fact that it’s not a big “wieght” producer.but the buds are just stupid good.any input will be appreciated.thank you,drd8nk!!!

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    SSJ4SIX Reply:

    Try backcrossing it to improve on yeild.

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  5. virus gift says:

    The times I’ve had this strain, I just didn’t seem to get the “forgetful” aspect you’re describing here, but all the rest fits the bill.

    Also, in regards to effects in general, this is probably in the top three.

    Also-also, how big were the buds that you’ve seen of it? I ask because my experience had it COMPLETELY living up to it’s name, with extremely large colas the size of small children, lol.

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    In the Blue Reply:

    Well the bud in the pics was a fairly average one, and it was about the length of my thumb, and the diameter of a tylenol bottle. It was a pretty big bud LOL I’d put this in my top 10 personally.

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  6. Volcanobis says:

    Just sampled some Big Bud – very nice strain!

    Had a very unique nice grape taste.

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    In the Blue Reply:

    If you like that grape flavor you should definitely check out some Grape Ape! It is my new favorite strain hehe. Very tasty, with an amazing buzz to accompany. =)

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