Banana Kush

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Strain Name: Banana Kush

Genetics: XXX-OG Kush x Banana ( Sensi seeds : available only one calendar year)

Source: Root Organic MMC, Boulder Colorado

Price: $50/quarter, $35 quarter special with coupon

Grade: A+

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (60% Indica 40% Sativa)

Looks: Bright lime glowing, crystal coated, tasty tropical loveliness. Completely covered with rust red and golden yellow pistils. These buds were grown, handled, and cured to perfection. This was a “Vegan” herb, grown using a completely animal product- free process from start to finish. That’s a BOLD statement, but after all this is BOULDER!!! Ha ha had to get that in! All jokes aside this is some of the most beautiful bud I’ve seen so far in Colorado, so I’m guessing the Vegan situation goes over well with the plants. 10/10

Smell: Sweet tropical fruits, I kid you not!! This is my first impression upon opening the jar followed by just a little tart spiciness that nicely completes this exotic package. I think overall this medicine smells very sweet and fresh a bit like a fresh cut honeydew melon mixed with green bananas. The smell is very definite, but is not something that invades the whole room, with no muskiness or skunkiness at all. 9/10

Taste: This is where the bananas really shine through. It comes on just as smooth and sweet as you can be, just delicious!!! Whether by power of suggestion or not I totally taste fresh bananas mixed with honeydew melon and this stays in the mouth for a while after an inhale. I think the type of grow used here has sold me. The smoking experience (I used a small hand blown glass piece) is smooth and pleasant with no expansion to speak of and no coughing at all. 10/10

Effects: Numbing and muscle relaxing starts at the top of the head and quickly moves down the body, accompanied by mass euphoria! This is an amazing hybrid as it stopped all pain very quickly but as it passed over my eyes everything seemed to brighten up a notch or two and colors became very vibrant and inviting. My whole body and mind were completely relaxed but my energy and consciousness completely expanded exponentially for several hours. This is the kind of herb that makes you want to explore the reef and swim with the dolphins and end up chillin on the beach with a pina colada in one hand and another spliff in da other mon!!! I’m not sure what Indica genetics were used in this strain but you can sure feel the OG end of it as this medicine is very strong even though it is very euphoric and pleasant and a delight to smoke. 10/10

Potency: Very strong 3-4 hrs. It’s hard to tell because it smells and tastes so good that it is impossible to resist the urge to smoke more and more. I haven’t found the ceiling yet, you just seem to get more euphoric and relaxed the more you smoke! This is my new favorite Kush. Also this herb goes well with lots of good ol’ Reggae like Bob and Peter Tosh and what not. 10\10

Reviewed by: MoMoFire

Good Strain For: I journeyed to Boulder on a pilgrimage for pain medicine last Sunday after I messed up my back doin’ something on Saturday. I was in some serious hurtin’ and this med just seemed to melt away the pain and put me in pleasant place indeed! So I’m sayin this is some of the best pain medication around. It could be effective for a wide range of complaints including nausea, depression, anxiety, and muscle relaxation.

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20 Responses to “Banana Kush”

  1. Pothead says:

    Don’t waste ur money.. It’s horrible. Just a body high. Wackkkkkkkkkkk

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  2. guy1 says:

    very common in new jersey

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  3. Eddie says:

    I have some… I’m in north dallas

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  4. richard says:

    Send to disabiled vet in sc please.. imiss smoking amazing bud, makes me feel like I’m in a sweet dream…then iwake up…………….

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  5. Blake says:

    anybody know where i could get this without going through a lab ? would definately like to try.

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  6. madfarmer619 says:

    Hahaha its not clone only its just not a commercial strain so you cant buy seeds online I have a mother from seed that i got from a socal breeder just look around if your ever in so cal

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  7. corey says:

    would give an arm and leg to find this strand in north dallas

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  8. Kinkers says:

    Dudeeeeeee on this right now! Love this stuff! adding this to my favorites list.

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  9. beej says:

    i smoked this yesterday, actually. it was simply amazing. one of my best highs ever.

    i turned on some tool, laid in my bed texting my girlfriend, and imagined it was just me and her in my bed, it felt so amazing.

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  10. m87 says:

    clone only bitches, socal dispensaries have the real. I hate vegan herb, it tastes of stupidity and sweaty nasty vagrant hippies.

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  11. dan says:

    i probe today this herb huipyyyy

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  12. Dixie says:

    Does anyone know the CBD content of this banana kush? I have read the THC content is in the 18%-20% range but I would like to know the CBD content. I have heard that it is ralatively high compared to other kush’s. Thanks for any input on this.

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    DaFawk Reply:

    your right its about 19% THC with around 1,1% CBD ,9% CBN pretty high actually most strains
    of kush around .2-5% CBD .1-3%CBN

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  13. Steevoo says:

    definitely the best bud ive ever smoked . I only smoked this once and have meaning to get some of this amazing kush again

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  14. 'ouch'myback says:

    i was like ouch my back, then i lit this up and BAM! no back pain! chink eyed half way through.

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  15. Bonga says:

    good review on the herbs.i like how this strain potency is high with such flavor.

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  16. Bob Barnes says:

    I really would like to try this strain.

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  17. Awsome-bill-from-dawsonville says:

    Does anyone know who has Beans or clones for banana k?

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  18. Awsome-bill-from-dawsonville says:

    One of my all time favorites. He hit the nail on the head! I remember thinking how can such a smooth light tasty smoke be so potent?a true pleasure in every sense. I would smoke this just for the taste but than u have to make a concious decision to pit it down halfway thru a doober .I haven’t had this in a few years and I remember like it was yesterday. It really tastes like banana when lit no bs! Wish it was around my area it is the total package and I highly recommend it

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