Arizonan Western Light Purp

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Arizonan Wester Light Purp

Strain Name: Arizonan Western Light Purp

Genetics: Jock Horror X Grand Daddy Purp

Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid

Looks: Very Hairy Along With Amber And Purple Trichs Covering Purple And Neon Green Colas.

Smell: Fruity Hazy Grape

Taste: Grape, Spicy, Evergreen

Effects: Couchlock

Potency: High

Reviewed by: Delta Nine Analysis Labs Llc

Good Strain For: Pain, Anxiety, Gastroparesis, Celiac Disease, For Any Eating Disorders And Or Any Debilitating Conditions From Disease Or Cancer.

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11 Responses to “Arizonan Western Light Purp”

  1. david says:

    i need to try this!

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  2. JoshG says:


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  3. KushyMe says:

    @Delta Nine Analysis Labs Llc Where is this?

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  4. MD80 says:

    Dude i gotta try some of that..where the hell can i get it?

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  5. nepolyanna says:

    This Arizona “Western Light purp” reminds me of the real purple MT majesties I remember in 1977. Iam in Sacramento how do I find some? Have reccomendation will travel.

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  6. Smoker says:

    Seen this pic n I creamed in pants, and im guessing this is someones homegrown creation they should enter thin in the cannibus cup this month

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  7. Bulldog says:

    Looks wonderful… Sweet dreams Moonpie!

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  8. HabitualToker says:

    gorgeous bud i wish i could get some

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  9. Philippe Talarico says:

    omg wtf there soo much crystal man!!

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  10. ben token says:

    these pics only 4 days old…. google-seach returns no info regarding breeder…. wehre would someone get this? or does one need to breed it in house?

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  11. Logan M Vick says:

    man that bud looks delicious

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